Student Green Fee Committee- 7 November 2012

Recorder : 

Megan Corley

Recorder's Full E-Mail Address: 
Date meeting was held: 
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 4:00pm

Call to Order Keefer

Kristin Keefer, Megan Corley, Ellen Gaither, Wesley Randall, Colin Maldonado, Chris Williams, Tim Fortier, Hannah Wilson, Caleb Gay, Lori Strawder



Do we need to make it that any member can nominate people?

·         Will it make us to big?

·         Yes we should make it that way because it will allow us to get more people from different schools ie. Business and others

·         Should we open up the voting for new members to all of the committee or just allow the co-chairs to have finally say

Meeting times:

·         Biweekly student centered meetings (teachers allowed)

·         End of the month with everyone

·         Members held to a certain standard (coming to the meetings)

·         Active Status (at least one meeting a month) (x amount of meetings a semester)

·         At least responding to the meeting wizard


·         More awareness of what the fee goes towards

·         The stickers need a bigger font for GreenFee

·         Having tables doing things to get the word out, exposure

·         Active role- doing things under the GreenFee name


·         Funds may only be used on campus (add a clause voting in special circumstances)

·         Delete the line of “money shall never be used to purchase/ pay for…”

·         “Substantial Requests” deleting the student senate  and raise the amount to $20,000

·         Funds allowed by the Green Fee Committee (not Sustainability Committee)

·         Find a way to allocate money for advertising GreenFee


·         Duration time for the project if it is only a semester long project it needs to be stated so we know how long they are committed to the project

·         Clarified who is responsible for the project if it is a multi-year project


·         Advocate

·         Discussion

·         Vote

Application Form:

·         Abstract then advocate