Student Green Fee Committee- 30 November 2012

Recorder : 

Holly Nix

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Date meeting was held: 
Friday, November 30, 2012 - 2:00pm

I.                   Call to Order………………………………………………….………..Co-chair Keefer


Members present: Wesley Randall, Colin Randall, Colin Maldonado, Chris Williams, Kristin Keefer, Megan Corley, Ms. Lori Strawder, Ellen Gaither, Caleb Gay, Holly Nix, and Dr. Oetter

Guests: Janna Parker and Nicole Lekas

II.                Old Business

a.       Reducing Water Usage with Eco-Feedback Technology

1.      A question was asked if the members of the proposal have acquired a contractor.

They are waiting for the contractors they have contacted to give them their prices and information.

2.      A question was asked about the possibility of conducting the experiment in one dorm.

The experiment cannot be conducted in one dorm because factors might affect the      experiment such as weather conditions. For example, the results might differ in September during the first phase than in December during another phase because of the difference in temperature. They will acquire results of multiple dorms at the same time so that the experiment can be as accurate as possible.  The dorms will be as alike as possible (i.e. same amount of people, same percentage of males and females, ect.).

3.      The proposal passed: 9 Yeas 0 Nays

b.      Improving Environmental Impact Through Service

1.      Concerns were raised that the proposal is more for the Technology Fee and does not directly impact the environment.

2.      The proposal did not pass: 9 Nays 0 Yeas

III.             New Business

a.       The Sustainability Council will now conduct the Symposium.

b.      The Student Green Fee Committee will take on a role of only reviewing proposals and seeing them completed.

c.       Members of the Student Green Fee Committee can still help with the Symposium.