Student Green Fee Committee- 29 August 2013

Recorder : 

Megan Corley

Recorder's Full E-Mail Address: 
Date meeting was held: 
Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 5:05pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 5:30pm
Location of Next Meeting: 

Herty 162


Call to meeting: 5:05 pm in Herty 304 with Dr. Sam Mutiti leading discussion

Students and Faculty Present:

Lance Layton
Alicia Estabrook, SGA
Creighton Perme, SGA
Sarah Hazzard
Taylor Upole
Mary Plauche
Wesley Randall
Kristen Doll
Lori Strawder
Caleb Gay
Colin Randall
Dr. Metzker
Dr. Hobbs
Dr. Mutiti
Dr. Oetter
Holly Nix



Greetings of everyone and Introductions for both returning and new members

  1. Update: cochairs are now part of the sustainability council, so there is a direct link to the council which will provide smooth work with the council this semester
  2. Dr. Metzker resigns as budget fund manager handing over the task to Lori Strauter and Lindy Ruark
  3. There was a discussion between Dr. Mutiti and Susan Allen on what we can and cannot do with our money because we were not sure where the regulations in our bylaws came from
  4. Susan Allen is in the budgeting office. She updated Dr. Mutiti on what we can and cannot fund. We cannot fund anything under auxiliary service (dorms, dining hall, etc.) because they are supposed to be a self-sustaining unit, the money can be used to support research (undergraduate), pay an assistant overseeing a project, pay someone to come in an provide a service, we can pay those students who are presenting at conferences, and we can bring in speakers
  5. No new info from Sustainability council or SGA
  6. We need to find out if we have a representative from the environmental science club?
  7. Projects update: funded a few projects last year (light bulbs, recycling bins…)
  8. Funds: carry over $22,000 from last semester, carry over from previous semesters $114,000, and $63,000 from this semester which makes a total of $199,000 total amount we have currently in our budget
  9. New project that was crushed had to deal with a parking lot that cannot be done because if falls under auxiliary services


  1. Membership: right now a student has to be nominated from SGA, Presidents, etc.
  2. More members needed. Any member can bring any new and interested people to Dr. Mutiti for nomination then a vote will be held
  3. Susan Allen nominated for a staff member on the committee
  4. All colleges are supposed to be represented in the committee, if provost feels we need more diversity then we will strive to get more professors, we will not force this representation but we welcome it
  5. A meeting with the new provost is set to tell about Green Fee so she is aware, the dean of students is also a person we need to introduce the green fee too
  6. Question: Wesley Randall. Is there money for promotion of green fee (according to the bylaws)? Yes and we should promote the green fee
  7. We can have SGA help be the mouth for sustainability around campus.
  8. We should think about adding a position for PR for green fee!

Actually looking through the bylaws now…

  1. Purpose that this committee approves nominations (agreed), no need for the list of schools , anyone who is a student, faculty, staff can join as long as they are committed to the committee
  2. We need to add a membership policy, attend meetings and events, miss a certain number of meetings then you can be rejected from the committee
  3. Our meetings will be once a month the last Thursday of the month 5:30 pm, meeting for one hour
  4. Check staff nominations through their supervisors before we can approve them as a committee member
  5. We seek representation of all colleges as representatives but we are not bound to this as stated before
  6. When voting there must be more students than faculty always!
  7. We do not have a restriction on buying food and clothes as long as we are promoting sustainability
  8. We became a member of AASHE
  9. Develop a criteria for how we can determine to fund if we want to pay for a student to go for training or presenting for “sustainability,” they might need to present what they find when they come back to the committee

Nominations for new members:

Dr. Metzker- creates a motion
Caleb Gay- seconds motion

The following students were accepted as members: Alicia Estabrook, Creighton Perme, Taylor Upole, Mary Plauche, Kristen Doll