Student Green Fee Committee- 23 September 2011

Recorder : 

LoriBeth Berry

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Date meeting was held: 
Friday, September 23, 2011 - 12:00am

Green Fee Committee Meeting, September 23, 2011

Present: Sam Mutiti, Will Hobbs, Allison Barfield, Colin Maldonado, Loribeth Berry, Doug Oetter, Julia Metzker

Recording Secretary: Loribeth Berry

·         Call meeting to order, 3:15 pm, Samuel Mutiti

·         Call to approve minutes, Samuel Mutiti

o   seconded by Will Hobbs

·         Discussion of student membership, by-laws cited

o   Discussion of nomination 5 new student members

o   Potential Lieren Forbs, Kristin Keefer, other new members from all four schools

·         Budget update

o   Bike racks haven’t been paid for at this moment

o   11% available for funding symposium

·         October 21, begin reviewing proposals, rolling admission, Doug Oetter

o   Announce call for proposals right away

o   No one from marketing present for update on Bobcat Vision announcement

·         Allison Barfield excuses herself

·         Sustainability Council update, Doug Oetter

o   Innovative Green Fee proposals to promote voluntary conservation

o   Contact psychology, marketing, education departments to encourage proposals

·         Update on poster session for Shades of Green

o   Doug and Colin made contact with the groups for which they served as advocates

·         Julia Metzker now present, 3:35 pm

·         Revisiting student membership: Julia Metzker

o   Possibility of students bringing in a mentee for more committed student members

o   Invite students to apply and ask them to find a faculty member to endorse them

o   Need to create a an application sheet for student membership

§  Name, Major, reason for interest in Green Fee membership, list of areas in bi-laws that we would like students to fulfill (create a checklist,) endorsement by a faculty member

o   Begin enforcing bi-laws on membership, send emails to students excusing non-active members from the committee

·         Symposium Revisited: Julia Metzker

·         Budget revisted: Julia Metzker

o   Aproximately 96,000 dollars in the Fee’s budget

o   Approximately 10,000 dollars available for symposium

·         Earthfest Proposal Ideas: Sam Mutiti

o   Environmental science open house at Greenway

o   Colin Maldonado will include this with a proposal project from the Environmental Science Club

·         Shades of Green qualifies for funding: Doug Oetter and Julia Metzker

·         The goal of this committee is to spend this money, don’t give dollar limit on proposal requests

·         Poster printing for Shades of Green can be paid for by the committee

·         Purchase paper and ink for printer in Doug’s department

·         Doug will make a requisition for paper and ink to Lindy Ruark

·         Julia will establish budgets

o   Budget for 9%

o   Budget for 11%- Cynthia Oorms may have this

·         Mandatory Fee Request

o   Recommendation by Julia: do not request anything

o   Stay as under the radar as possible

o   Goal: no controversy, no request for increase of funds

·         Need an estimate of how much each project is saving money for the college: Will Hobbs

·         Importance for having someone in Plant Operations on the committee: Will Hobbs

·         Doug and Julia have made proposals to the Student Fee Committee, Faculty Chair must be present, Julia may present to them about the Fee however

·         Meeting dates and times: Samuel Mutiti

o   Pick times for the rest of the semester

o   Use Meeting Wizzard

o   Saml will send out meeting request on Meeting Wizzard on Monday, September 26 for somewhere around the week of October 21st meeting

o   Possibility for night meetings, Mondays and Tuesdays

·         Call for any other business: Sam Mutiti

o   Doug will make announcement for call of proposals

·         Motion to adjourn: Sam Mutiti

o   Seconded: Will Hobbs