Student Green Fee Committee- 19 August 2011

Recorder : 

LoriBeth Berry

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Date meeting was held: 
Friday, August 19, 2011 - 12:00am
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Herty 252


Green Fee Meeting

Attendee: Cynthia Orms, Loribeth Berry, Ellen Gather, Sam Mutiti, Maxwell Pichan, Collin Maldonado, Doug Oetter, Will Robinson, Allison Barfield, Lindy Ruark

In Absentia:

Julia Metzker

August 19, 2011

·         3:35 pm, Dr. Sam Mutiti calls meeting to order.

·         Introduction of members and working groups

·         Symposium Update- Dr. Cynthia Orms

o   Global Citizenship Symposium collaboration with Green Fee

§  Key Note Speakers

§  2 public showings of Food Inc

§  Still to do:

·         Symposium committee meeting needs to be scheduled

·         Approach Sodexo about loca-vore boxed lunches

·         Add marketing group to symposium group

·         Introduction of Belinda (Lindy) Ruark

o   Lindy Ruark update on grants awarded

§  Green Fee Computing- supplies have come in, money left over

§  ReRev- accounting has been told to hold off on paying

§  Solar lighting- ordered, received, paid for, installed

§  Covered bike racks- should come in Friday

§  Appliance Timers- to be ordered

o   Budget hasn’t been finished for 2011-2012 for Green Fee Committee at this time

·         Marketing Working Committee to do:

o   Bobcat Vision slide for

§  Green Fee Grant Submissions

§  Shades of Green- highlight posters on results/projects of grants

·         Advocates to do:

o   Contact grant receivers and ask them to prepare posters for Shades of Green poster display for October 3-7

·         Dr. Doug Oetter

o   Update on Sustainability Council’s 2011-2012 goals

§  Promote directions of high priority- water energy

·         New Business

o   Call for nominations over email: Secretary nominations

o   Meeting frequencies

§  Everyone send available preferred times to meet

§  Recommend working groups meet 1/month

o   September Meeting Planning

§  Set date for committee to meet via email

§  Review call for proposals

§  Entire committee to do:

·         Call for proposal dates need to be set

·         New requirement for submission

o   permission to pursue equipment (authorization letter) from Institutional Review Board and GC’s Space Committee

o    Operations- David Smith, Architect- Michael Rickenbaker, etc.

o   Goals for semester and year

§  Symposium- success on Tuesday

§  Advertise Green Fee to students/faculty

§  Poster for Shades of Green

·         Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm