Staff council Retreat Minutes


Erin Warnock

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Date meeting was held: 
Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - 9:00am
Next Meeting Date: 
Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 2:00pm
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Chappell Hall room 113


Present: Erin Warnock, Lee Martin, Greg Mahan, Beth McCauley, Jen Maraziti, Paul Sanford, Jessica Rehling, Jennifer Graham, Toi Franks, Bevan Burgamy, Randy Monnett, Liz Havey, Reece Cohn, Tracy Norris


Regrets: Coby Dixon, Tim Brooks


Icebreaker ball throwing exercise presented by Reese Cohn and Jessica Rehling, ZOOM presented by Jen Maraziti


Executive Committee introduced

Toi Franks presented Binder 101. Meeting time for FY ’12 agreed upon for 3rd Thursday of the month at 2 p.m.
Tracy Norris discussed what it means to be a delegate and what we will/will not handle. Tracy also gave a budget breakdown showing of the $10,000 in the state account, $7,000 is reserved for Staff Development and $3,000 is reserved for other items/projects. Foundation account holds $3500 and is used for food, awards, etc.


Last year we were unable to accomplish the following things: 360 evaluation, Campus Connections, use of technology.


The goals in process are: shared leave pool, compensation committee study, holiday schedule.


Toi stated that Staff Appreciation week needs to be looked at earlier in the year.

Toi introduced this year’s goals.
They were: Staff needs to be better informed (i.e. directions); better communications;  Work with Admissions to provide better directions for incoming students; better signage; increase departmental knowledge using multiple means; updates to Staff Council website; continue forums/staff speakout; staff q&a.


Also discussed were the need for internal and external recognitions, staff spotlight, socials, and family friendly events including social events and health/wellness events.


Delegates that were rolling off were invited to lunch where they were given certificates and recognized for terms of service. Also in attendance was Interim President Stas Preczewski. He talked about his role as Interim President.


Each person chose a committee to serve and broke into groups where they set their goals and deadlines.



Communications: Jessica Rehling (Chair), Jennifer Graham, Liz Havey
Development: Greg Mahan, Toi Franks, Bevan Burgamy (Chair), Tracy Norris
Bylaws&Elections: Erin Warnock, Beth McCauley (Chair)
Special Projects: Lee Martin, Paul Sanford, Reese Cohn (Chair), Tracy Norris


Committee Goals:

Staff Development – Spend all funds; submit survey to see what webinars large groups of people would be interested in. Other ideas: Eating Healthy While on a Budget, Nutrition, Personal Wellness, DIY projects, Cont. ed classes
Special Projects:
Organize "Staff Spotlight" recognition: Create a university initiative for any staff member to recognize GC staff for going above and beyond; Develop a "Lunch on the Lawn" series: quarterly events where staff bring a brown-bag lunch and gather for a "picnic"; Family day with Bobcat Athletics: Work with athletics to create initiative for staff to bring their family and attend GC athletics events; Downtown discount day: organize a day when gc staff get a discount at the majority of downtown businesses; Staff Awards: create a few new awards, and encourage increased nominations campus-wide to recognize and motivate GC staff to continue to strive for 4.0 service.
Bylaws: Change some language in bylaws to add Communications Officer(Member of EC), change special projects to Staff Appreciation. Set deadlines for employee count (Sept 12)call for nominations (Dec 12)
Communications: Focus on increasing SC knowledge; increased campus signage; web presence; set up facebook page; newsletter deadlines set.