Staff Council Minutes - Sept. 18, 2012


Barbara Monnett

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Date meeting was held: 
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 2:00pm
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 2:00pm
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Staff Council Minutes Sept. 18, 2012


Present:  Chair Toi Franks, Anita Jones, Eve Puckett, Ashton Dreyer,

Daniel McDonald, Lee Martin, Tim Brooks, Randy Monnett, Barbara Monnett,

Jennifer Graham, Maria Gordon, Evelyn Thomas, Jessica Rehling


Regrets: Greg Mahan


Absent: Beth McCauley


Guests: Rod Kelly, Lori Strawder, Ellen Paulish,  Amy Whatley, Debra



The meeting was called to order at 2 p.m.


Introductions were made.


Lori Strawder, Assistant Director of Sustainability, requested that a

staff council delegate be included in the new sustainability committee. 

This person would be able to report back to Staff Council.  A campus

event will be held Oct. 24 called "Food Day and Campus Sustainability

Day" and she invited Staff Council to have a presence.



Rod Kelly, Director and Chief Human Resources Officer, expressed his

delight at now being a part of the Georgia College family -- a

university family where all employees’ contributions are valued,

regardless of the job title.  It is the people at Georgia College which

make it the unique institution among Georgia institutions and provide

its competitive advantage in the higher education industry.


He updated the group about the Human Resources department and the direction

they are going.  Admitting that there are many opportunities for improving

HR services, he emphasized that the HR team is focused on three goals

for FY13:  

1) Stabilize relations between HR and campus; 

2) Rebuild trust and credibility of HR staff; and 

3) Process improvement projects. 


To accomplish these goals, they are using the “SMaC Recipe” (Collins,

Great by Choice, 2011) – Specific, Methodical and Consistent -- as the

fundamental approach to clarifying their core service delivery.  For

example, to clarify what they do and who does it, they have bisected the

department into the “What We Do” group and "How We Do It" group.  The

“What” group is responsible for program design, documentation, training,

monitoring and reporting; while the “How” group is responsible for the

daily administration of the programs to the customers, including

administrative consultations and transaction processing.  No longer are

all phone numbers forwarded to the main HR number, but rather each

person responsible for a service will have their number listed in the

directory and online.  Similar to Plant Operations, the campus will be

segmented by “zones” and there will be a specific HR staff member (HR

Generalist) who will be responsible for all HR administrative activities

for that zone.


All employees are welcomed to visit HR at the newly renovated Hall

House.  The parking in the back of the house has now been converted from

employee parking to Visitor Parking.   An open house will be held soon.


Also, Rod shared that a new tool is being developed to “level the

playing field” for evaluating employees’ pay levels.  Even though annual

pay adjustments have been suspended for several years, when there is an

opportunity to adjust pay, it would be helpful to have a tool for

managers to help with equitable and fiscally responsible pay outcomes.


HR is currently finishing up the job evaluation appeals which were

submitted as a result of the recent compensation study.  There was

concern expressed that not all employees had individual conferences

regarding the compensation study with their supervisors.  Rod

recommended that they get with their supervisors and ask about it and

report back to him.


Rod contacted the USG about our Shared Leave Plan regarding the

potential modification of the definition of "family."   He reported that

this was not on the USG table at this time.  Additionally, Rod said that

due to the inconsistency with BOR Policy, the current method used at

Georgia College for requesting shared leave, solicitation, needs to be changed in

the near future.


Treasurer's report: 

State funds available:  $23,668.77 

Foundation: $43,348.24


Toi asked that each delegate join a committee. Committees are: 

A. University Senate 

B. Staff Development – Toi met with the Grants Office to move forward with getting grants for staff development. 

C. Communications 

D. Bylaws – One additional person is needed for this committee. 

E. Special Projects – Staff Appreciation planning should define a date now.

F. Executive – The executive staff will meet with President Dorman Sept. 19, 2012.


RPIPC update: 

Topics currently being discussed: 

1) Shared Leave Policy

2) Common Meeting Block 

3) Smoking Policy 

4) Communication – How we can better communicate on campus


SAPC update: 

1) Shared meeting time and effects of student participation

2) Funds to help students in need – contact Cathy Crawley


CAS advisory group update: 

CAS (central authorization service) has been

implemented  across several systems including, intranet,

orgsync, listservs and campus software. The next generation of CAS is in

development. Instructions for creating your CAS username and password

can be found at:


The statewide Staff Council Conference will be held Oct.2-3 at Georgia

Southern.  Interested staff should contact Toi.  A van has been reserved

for transportation.


Tim Vacula has been contacted about delegate pictures to update the

website – date forthcoming.


Information was shared as to how delegates were elected, the specific

requirements and some changes that may occur this year.


Attendance to the "3Rs for all" was highly recommended.


Meetings will take place every other month on the third Tues at 2 p.m.

at a location TBA.  Additional meetings will be called if needed.


Adjournment of the meeting at 3:10.