Staff Council Minutes - Nov. 21, 2012


Daniel McDonald

Recorder's Full E-Mail Address: 
Groups audience: 
Date meeting was held: 
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 2:00pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 2:00pm
Location of Next Meeting: 

Conference room in the ‘GreenHouse’ on Clark Street


Present: Beth McCauley, Toi Franks, Jennifer Graham, Eve Puckett, Evelyn Thomas, Tim Brooks, Randy Monnett, Daniel McDonald


Guests: Jamie Jones, Bob Orr, Amy Whatlely


Regrets: Barbara Monnett, Jessica Rehling, Maria Gordon


The meeting was called to order at 2 p.m.


Amy Whatley announced that the 9th Annual Bobcat Ramble will be held on Feb. 23, 2013.  The endowed scholarship for local high school students is not being awarded at this time.  A question was asked if the route will be the same? Yes.

Toi asks if Staff Council can help by getting information to the schools? 

Think about the other campuses including Warner Robins, Macon, etc. 

A question was asked about who controls the money?  Amy was not sure at this time.


Bob Orr, CIO, wanted to introduce himself to Staff Council and share his background and the importance of Staff Council work.  He asked if SC offered staff scholarships.  Toi asked if she could set up a meeting with him in order to discuss scholarship program.  He talked about ways that staff can work together to benefit our institution.


He touched base on the following technology:

  • Efficiency--do more with less
  • Virtual technologies to provide service where you are
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Thinking about improving, consolidating services
  • Consolidate, Communicate, and Automate



Ashton and Beth shared that Staff Council along with the president’s office staff recently met with the Chancellor Huckabee and the following items were discussed.


Budget cuts, but no furloughs

HR and benefits

BC/BS Insurance issues at GC: Marion Fedrick is the new Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Staff Council to hold back two percent of funds

We are in good shape financially



Disability activation buttons in Parks and Einsteens

Toi shared that the handicap button was not functioning at the backdoor of Parks.  There was already a work order outstanding, but we decided to follow up.  It should be in good working order now.


Eve shared that we are not required to have them, but they need to be working if we already have them. There are maps in disability services to help people locate the access points.


Maria has created signage that encourages people to report these malfunctioning entrances when they notice them to be broken.


Treasurers Report

$21,219.77 in state account

$3,348.24 Foundation


Committee Reports


University Senate 

Eve stated that at her first meeting, they went over the charge. People not delegates can become members of the committee. It would be good to ask them why they want to volunteer so that they can be matched up to their interested.


At our next meeting, pinpoint what we would like to bring back to the committee.




The committee discussed updating the website. Established meeting time is the  third Friday of the month.




Jennifer is looking a selections and filling spots.

When elected to a committee, even if you shift between divisions, you remain on that committee and continue to represent the division until end of your next term.


Toi initiated a vote as whether or not to adopt the recommendations set forth by the Bylaws Committee.  The vote was unanimous in favor of the recommendations.


Special projects 

Ashton asked for support and awareness for participation at the president’s events and she passed out a list of events that Dr. Dorman will be attending.  She requested that we let people in our respective divisions know about these events.


Upcoming events:

Provost Search 

December 7 is the annual holiday celebration at the mansion

December 7 is commencement

Lunch-time tour of the mansion--Thursday Dec. 13

That is the same day and time as Dr. Jones' holiday luncheon, which would preclude a number of people.



New business

Keys for the suggestion mailboxes - one in plant and the other is at an unknown location.  Randy Monnett volunteered to look for the key.


Toi recently met with Rod Kelly.

  • The clarification about the words “domestic partners” is being discussed at this time. 
  • Annual leave cannot be a part of the shared pool
  • In process is who to send it back to if it is repealed. Also, who is on the committee to move it forward.


Holiday ideas

  • Have a celebration in the library for staff.
  • Special projects.  Ashton agreed to take this on.
  • Maria asked how should we advertise this.


Those serving on other committees, please send regrets if you cannot make it, also please let people know so that other delegates can go.


MARIA-also on CARE Team, CARE Team is tasked with reaching out to community members who are exhibiting aggressive, argumentative or depressed behaviors (disturbing or disturbed) behaviors.

We want to get the word out about the CARE LINE # 7475

About to be answered 24/7 - currently answered only 8-5


Toi -who are the members 

  • Student Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Libby Davis International Affairs
  • Tom Ormond
  • Lee Gillis
  • public safety


If a disabled student is in need of assistance or noticeably struggling to get around, can they be given a ride on the golf cart? Eve will talk with disabilities services. Maria asked can you give anyone a ride on the golf cart? Not sure.


Randy-I've had students ask me and I say no, but it is different if the person is struggling. Eve said she will ask Michael Baker. 


Bomb Threat- There were people working who did not learn about the threat.

Maria -have one person in each building designated to go and pull the fire alarm so that everyone knows.


Toi- The president shared with the Senate, that this was a learning experience.




This committee discussed Adderall abuse, people selling it, how to react to its various uses. Student nurses are doing presentations through residence halls.


West campus having counseling services, but how do students get over there? There is a campus emergency van. Temporary parking permits for folks who may need them


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectifully submitted

Daniel McDonald