Staff Council Minutes - Jan. 15, 2013


Barbara Monnett

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Date meeting was held: 
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 2:00pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 2:00pm
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TBA on Staff Listserv a week prior to next meeting time.



Present: Beth McCauley, Toi Franks, Eve Puckett, Evelyn Thomas, Tim Brooks, Randy Monnett, Ashton Dryer, Barbara Monnett  

Guests: Kendall Stiles, Rod Kelly, Crystal Hurt 

Regrets: Gregg Mahan, Daniel McDonald 

The meeting was called to order at 2 p.m. By Chair Toi Franks. 

Give Center Director Kendall Stiles spoke with the group about upcoming events that involve staff and faculty.  She is trying to increase participation and get the word out about the following: 

Blue & Green Miracle Maker:  The Give Center, who has partnered with the Children's Hospital in Macon, is promoting their annual fund raiser.  This year, it is in honor of young Abe Gainous, Coach Mark Gainous' son.  Any faculty or staff can take the official "green" and "blue" sneakers and wear them for a day – not on your feet – but around your neck, over your shoulder, etc. – in order to bring attention to raising money for the Children's Hospital in honor of Abe.  To wear the shoes for the day, contact Kendall. The cost is $25 and the fund raiser ends Feb. 8.   


Eve added that students have participated, particularly in the Dance Marathon held each year, and raised $25,000 last year for the Children's Hospital. The Dance Marathon is a 12-hour lock-in where students do a variety of high energy things like painting and learning new dances. 


Blood Drive: Did you know that GC is tops in blood drives?  We are one of the top coordinators across the state and we are trying to increase our participation.  A special Red Cross blood drive just for faculty and staff will take place Feb. 6 from 10 3 p.m. in the MSU lounge.  Kendall is asking for blood donations and also asking for volunteers to help check people in. She asked if Staff Council wanted to co-sponsor the event.  Stay tuned for emails. 


Human Resources Director and Chief Human Resources Officer, Rod Kelly,  had several things to share.


SHARED LEAVE: [Staff Council has been working with HR and University Senate to establish an updated shared leave policy. The proposed shared leave policy will allow employees to donate sick leave to a pool; whereby, employees who are eligible may draw from.]  Rod has received the approval of the Vice Presidents, and the next step is to submit it to the University Senate committee RPIPC.  Rod stated that some campuses are making slight modifications in their shared leave policy and that is what we are doing as well.  

1.            Employee must have a minimum of 48 hours sick leave to donate.

2.            There will be a special enrollment time where employees may enroll or add additional time.

3.            Retirees can donate their leave time 30 days prior to retirement whether or not they are participating.

4.            In order to re-enroll, employee must have a balance of at least 48 hrs. to be accepted.



TAX CHANGE: A tax change went into effect Jan. 1, 2013, which resulted in a 2% increase in the payroll taxes withheld. Employees should see this tax increase in their paychecks, which means a decrease in your overall net pay.


INSURANCE:  The likelihood is that USG cannot maintain current amount; may see an increase next year.


TEAM DISCOUNTS: Rod shared a list of "State of Georgia Discount Programs" with Staff Council.  There are lots of discounts available.   


LUNCH AND LEARNS:  HR will be hosting a series of 30-minute Lunch and Learns beginning soon. Staff Council will post a list of these on their website at


NEW COMPENSATION TOOL:  Supervisors and managers will soon have a tool to help in determining fair and equitable compensation. Called PAW, Pay Action Works, this tool should help level the playing field for all employees. The tool should assist management in understanding their role in the process and will also document every decision which the law requires.  It is a pay evaluator for new hires, rehires, temporary, promotions, pay adjustments, etc.  Training will be provided.  A pilot is underway now.


Evelyn asked about equity pay increases.  Rod answered that they are not on the horizon right now.  But GC wants to protect employees jobs and there is an upcoming prioritization workshop to discuss overall issues.


Rod asked for feedback from Staff Council to help HR stay informed.  This is the 5th year that we have seen no annual increase.  What can we do as an employer?  HR wants to provide as much information as possible, be transparent and proactive.



There are two Staff Council vacancies that need filling right away – one in Student Affairs and one in Provost's area.   Send suggestions to Toi.


Staff Appreciation Day will be coming up and will need all of us to participate. Guidelines need to be reviewed and plans made.


Staff Council will begin to meet monthly, beginning with the Feb. 19, 2013,  meeting. Staff Council meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month. This is a change from the bimonthly schedule.


Eve has volunteered to take Greg's place on the University Senate committee.


Committee Reports:

University Senate: No recent meeting to report on

Staff Development:  There has been a request to offer some type of training to benefit administrative assistants during the upcoming Secretaries Week.  

Communications: Barbara shared that a review the Staff Council website is underway and updates have begun.

Bylaws:  No report

Special Projects:  Ashton reported that 34 people participated in the Christmas tour at the mansion.  She shared upcoming event ideas:  A Staff Council sponsored Basketball game where the first 15 staff get a free popcorn.  Participation in homecoming tailgating (tents are located in the basement of Chappall Hall).

Treasurer's Report: State funds - $19,919.77;  Foundation - $2898.76

Meeting was adjourned at 3 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Monnett