Staff Council Minutes - February 2012


Jessica Rehling

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Date meeting was held: 
Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 2:00pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 2:00pm
Location of Next Meeting: 

Pat Peterson Museum Education Room


Attendance: Bevan Burgamy, Tracy Norris, Toi Franks, Jen Maraziti, Reese Cohn, Jess Rehling, Paul Sanford and Stas Precszewski


We don’t have quorum so we can't approve the minutes from January 2012. We will postpone this for the March 2012 meeting.


Treasurer report (Tracy)

$2,761.87 is remaining in the State account out of $7000. $2,122.88 is remaining out of $3000 designated as "other" in the State account.  The Foundation account has $2701.81 remaining out of $3000.



Committee reports



nothing to report - the committee didn't meet in February 2012



Still reviewing a student retention initiative. The sexual harassment committee will meet next month so there should be an update then.


Staff Development:

Staff have used $4,862.13 out of the $7000 designated for Staff Development funds. This leaves $2137.87 remaining.



nothing to report



Election results cannot be announced as there is a tie between two nominees in the Student Affairs division. There isn't a tie breaker rule in the bylaws and a vote can't be completed at the meeting because quorum isn't present. Jen Maraziti will email out a ballot for delegates to submit votes so that the election results can be announced before next meeting. The bylaws committee needs to add a tie breaker rule into the bylaws for future reference.


Executive Committee:

Jen Maraziti met with Elizabeth Hines in the University Advancement office regarding a fully funded Faculty/Staff Honors award that they want to start up again this year. The award will alternate annually between faculty and staff. The winner is given the award recognition and then designates the award money to a student organization. The award committee needs one volunteer from Staff Council for the review committee. Reese Cohn volunteered.


There is an additional $20,000 to spend by June 2012 for Staff Development. The Staff Development Committee and Special Projects Committee will meet to discuss how to spend that money this fiscal year. The plan for implementing this new funding for fiscal year 2013 is underway.


Special projects:

The Staff Appreciation Awards ceremony will take place sometime between April 23-27.

Theme: make lemonade out of lemons

Staff superlative awards will be given at the Ceremony that won't offend anyone or make people jealous. Reese will review the superlative awards at the next Staff Council meeting. A discussion around cash prizes for recipients and smaller cash prizes for nominators was mentioned as well as the possibility of door prizes.


Monthly programs are difficult to coordinate In process of coordinating the Staff Appreciation Day. Jen Maraziti mentioned that the Staff Development Committee and Special Projects Committee will meet and assist with program planning to spend the extra Staff Development money effectively.


A Budget for the Staff Appreciation Rewards ceremony was reviewed. Bevan and Tracy will work together to generate an accurate amount.

Last year 10 awards were given, an outstanding service award (1 for each division) and 4 other awards.



President Stas visited to find out if there was anything he could do for Staff. Jen Maraziti mentioned that weekly updates from  Human Resources (even if there wasn't any new information) would change the perception that Human Resources isn't communicating with Faculty and Staff.


A delegate mentioned that the time for the Presidential Forums (4:30 p.m.) was not conducive to those who have to leave work at 5 p.m. to pick children up, or any other reason. This was brought to the Search Committee Chairs attention as well as the fact that people couldn't hear the questions from the first candidate open forum because audience participants didn’t talk into the microphone.


The recent MEME event on campus was discussed briefly. Stas wanted to find out how staff interpreted his email communication to the college campus around not supporting the offensive memes.


Old business:



New business:

The lack of support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender staff and faculty was mentioned and Staff Council will delve into how they can be a support at the next meeting. A first step would be funding Safe Space Training for staff who want it.