Staff Council Minutes 08-15-2017


Sara Cordova

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Date meeting was held: 
Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 3:00pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 3:00pm
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Atkinson Room 202





Members “P” denotes Present,  “A” denotes Absent,   “R” denotes Regrets


Evita Shinholster, Chair


Kimberly Moore


Wanda Johnson, Vice Chair


Darryl Richardson


Cindy Purcell, Treasurer


Sandra Brown


Sara Cordova, Secretary


Christopher Newsome


Laverne Renfroe


Kristy Johnson


Cason Kelley


Drew Burton


Natalie Everett


Courtney Manson


Michael Watson


Margaret Brown




Italicized text denotes information from a previous meeting.




*Denotes new discussion on old business.




Agenda Topic

Discussions & Conclusions

Action or Recommendations


{including dates/responsible person, status (pending, ongoing, completed)}


I. Call to order

Meeting called to order by Evita Shinholster at 3:01 p.m.




Approval of Agenda


Motion: Cindy Purcell

Second: Kimberly Moore





III. Approval of Minutes

Motion: Kimberly Moore

Second: Chris Newsome




IV. Treasurer’s Report

Operating Budget of $3,000. New balance of $2,823.


Foundation Account of $2,383. New balance of $2,288.


Staff Development Budget of $7,000. New Balance of $6,223.

2-3 Staff Development Applications in so far



V. Old Business





University Senate Retreat Update


3 members at Retreat-Courtney, Wanda, Michael

Wanda’s Report: Breakout sessions in committees- SAPC- students want to push a) LGBTQ coordinator, looking at Melissa Garrier, b)Veterans’ Resource Center, to build center, looking for who to talk to.

President Dorman is very excited about the progress and Montessori Academy-will look for plan to start renovating Herty-“If you take pride in your work, it will show”

Dr. Brown-GC Journeys, retention and graduation for students in 4 years.

Thanks to all their work.





USG SC Conference

Oct. 19-20 at Georgia Southern; would like 2 staff to go.

Chance to Network and meet and discuss other staff council.

Early Registration end Aug. 30

Regular Registration Sept. 1-18


Deadline for us Aug. 30

Register on same invoice.


Parking Advisory Update

Clark and Montgomery 2 hour parking and ticketing implemented.

Employee parking Aug. 16 $120 a year; payroll deduction.

Registration for Parking

Aug. 16-18 from 11 am to 1 pm at Innovation Station



Staff Council & Committee Goals

Recap of Our Goals

-Promote the presence of Staff Council

-Provide development opportunities for staff

-Create pathways of communication

-Host social events for staff to increase community on campus




New Business






Continuing Education After School Program

Kids U Afterschool Program

Starts Aug 2. Monday-Friday, 3-5:30 pm

$6 a day, daily registration for GC Faculty and Staff

Let teacher know so kids gets on right bus, Candice Griffith

Kids do homework, Education Cohort students in Chappell to help.




Students Back to Campus

Students en route

Aug. 21 is start of School

Thursday, Aug. 17 is Freshman move in




RPIPC Update

Replacement for Bill Doerr -Jessica Swain is new staff appointee




Standing Committee Reports






Executive Committee

Evita Shinholster, Chair

Wanda Johnson, Vice Chair

Cindy Purcell, Treasurer

Sara Cordova, Secretary

-EAP-Leslie Pierce; New employee assistance services & program, counseling, care for children and elders on Frontpage. 188-960-3305 for more info.

-GC Old website removed-contact Keely Hopkins for questions

-Travel training 201 offered-Aug. 17, 9 am and Aug. 30, 10 am

-One USG Training Aug. 16 &24, 11 am Library 241-once a week Aug.& Sept. Once a month for rest of semester

-John Bowen-Need two members on PTAC-Drew Burton and Natalie Everrett

Friday 1 pm at P&T office-Sept. 8, Oct. 18, Nov. 11, Feb 9, Mar 9, and April 6; reaching out to Parking for Q&A sheet.

-Employment verification automated number coming in Sept. 478-445-8780

Parking Price Reason

-Advisory committee wrote a plan, it was half accepted. Students had an elected fee for parking, $120. Elected fee not accepted but the price of $120 for staff stayed








Bylaws Committee

Michael Watson, Chair

Kimberly Moore, Secretary

Evita Shinholster

Natalie Everett

Courtney Manson

Rescheduling for the month; will report next time









Staff Development Committee

Sandra Brown, Chair

Cindy Purcell

Darryl Richardson

Cason Kelley

Four applications-total of $777









Special Projects Committee

Courtney Manson, Chair

Laverne Renfroe

Wanda Johnson

Kristy Johnson

Drew Burton

Kimberly Moore

Met last Thursday

Detailed reports of event we want to do.

Sponsorship report due Sept. 1

Council on the Corner coming up








Communications Committee

Sara Cordova, Chair

Chris Newsome, Secretary

Natalie Everett

Cason Kelley

Working on the Facebook and Website communcations. Staff Survey will go live Sept. 25. Council on the Corner set for Sept. 27. Let us know if we need to promote anything.










VII. Announcements

GC Facilities was voted second in the country by our students for their excellence. Congratulations to them!




VIII. Adjournment


Motion: Drew Burton

Second: Daryl Richardson

Adjourned at 4:05 pm



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