Staff Council Delegate Meeting


Bevan Burgamy

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Date meeting was held: 
Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 3:00pm
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Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 3:00pm
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Chappell Hall 113


Staff Council Delegate Meeting


November 4, 2010


Present: Toi Franks, Jen Maraziti, Lori Strawder, Janey McDade, Tammie Burke, Reese Cohn, Jennifer Graham, Coby Dixon, Greg Mahan.

Regrets: Liz Havey, Kim Gore, Tracy Norris, Paul Sanford and Erin Warnock.


Guest: Joe Windish.


Executive Committee Report:

1.      Met with HR:

- 360 degree evaluations: HR is looking at software that will assist with this.

- Shared leave: poole (more info. coming in the next month or so).


2.      Step Process (brought up by President): reclassify through HR. Outside contractor is going to come and evaluate us and tell us how other institutions do this.


3.      Recognition within Staff Council


4.      Staff Speak Out:

Professional Development requests: computer, software Customer Service: stress management, phone skills, communication skills


Personal Development: fitness and nutrition, gardening, sewing, budget, time mgmt.


Comments: Thanks for all you do. Wish all employees were treated equal. Etc.



Department/Division: AVG. score

Campus: AVG. score


Executive committee has discussed sending that form out via email to all staff on campus through Survey Monkey.


5.      Staff Council has the ability to ask the President to hold a staff forum. Consensus is to hold one possibly next semester in spring.


Committee Requests and Volunteers:

-          Bobcat Ramble: Reese Cohn will represent her department and staff council on the committee.

-          Sustainability Committee: Stephanie Jones has been recommended and Toi Franks will follow up with her.


Do the delegates feel it would be fine if people outside of the delegates serve on committees to represent staff? Everyone is in agreement this is fine.


Bylaws Committee is making some necessary changes to the bylaws since the organizational change in the University per the President.


Executive Committee is meeting weekly and we are asking for everyone to try and get involved and volunteer for as much as people can maintain.


State Staff Council Update: Joe Windish

Americus, GA: GA Southwestern


State Staff Council is looking to be recognized by the USG as a representative body for staff. One requirement is that all Presidents sign off on the bylaws, which some issues arose and Joe is now on the bylaws committee to remedy some of the issues.

Next state staff council meeting is in February. The goal is for all universities to have approval by then from the President’s of the universities.

Wayne Guthrie, Assoc. Vice Chancellor at the system level did a presentation on HR issues. More specifically, the health plan ($50 surcharge for smokers and self reporting), some concerns of the repercussions of false self reporting were mentioned. There are incentives coming that will encourage employees to quit smoking.

Joe volunteered GCSU to host the next Staff Council meeting. The meeting will be in Macon during the month of February and Joe is willing to coordinate the details. The cost and effort will be minimal. Parking will need to be figured out ahead of time. Reese Cohn and Bevan Burgamy has volunteered to help with the event.


UGA is hosting the next Staff Council Conference, which will be next Fall. 

Idea from the conference is a staff talent show.


Last Staff Council meeting:

As a whole, we need to figure out how to address some of the issues that arose from the meeting.

Executive Committee has discussed structuring the meeting to prevent some issues getting out of control during the meetings so we can conduct the business of staff council. However, we will address any issues that arise by asking them to hold their thoughts until the end.


Issues discussed at the meeting:

-          Flex Time: altering shifts to accommodate schedules Mandatory Meeting: clocking in and walking to meeting

-          Breaks: staff are told there are no mandatory meetings

-          Favoritism

-          Staff advocacy, staff recognition and staff development.

-          Equity: different sets of staff have different standards and sets of rules.


What can we as staff council respond to? What is our place?


The consensus is to take these issues straight to HR and let them help us decide what channels are best to take the issues to.