October Staff Council Meeting Minutes


Bevan Burgamy

Recorder's Full E-Mail Address: 
Groups audience: 
Date meeting was held: 
Thursday, October 21, 2010 - 3:00pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 3:00pm
Location of Next Meeting: 

Chappell Hall 113


Delegates Present: Bevan Burgamy, Coby Dixon, Tracy Norris, Erin Warnock, Toi Franks, Tammie Burke, Liz Havey, Paul Sanford, Janey McDade, Greg Mahan, Jennifer Graham, and Jen Maraziti.

Delegate Regrets: Kim Gore, Lori Strawder, and Reese Cohn.

Guests: Donald Smith, Bret Hartley, Clyde Boone, Jennifer Marshall, Sylvia Jackson, Kingsley Rockmore, Milton Sanford, Roy Harden, Jerry Williams, and David Johnson.

Minutes are approved.

Diane Kirkwood: Customer Service Initiative Event
USG and State of GA have a customer service initiative currently.
GCSU has a steering committee that will incorporate some training that is mandatory but it is being customized to make it most relevant for our campus. The purpose is to enhance the service that we deliver everyday.
Staff Council will be supportive toward this effort.

Question: Will there be a form of measurement as a result of this?
Yes, in many different ways but not one main numerical measurement.

Treasurer's Report:
State Account: $4,412
Foundation: $3,189.26

Committee Reports:
University Senate:
           Resources Planning and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC):
-          Motor Vehicle Policy

           Student Academic Policy Committee (SAPC):
-          Amnesty Policy- geared toward students, will be going before senate at the next meeting

           Academic Policy Committee (APC):
-          Looking at plus minus grading, survey is online if you want to participate.

Staff Development:
$1,264 has been spent so far this year by 12 participants and three of the twelve participated in Continuing Education workshops.
Committee met Tuesday, October 19th to discuss avenues for training opportunities.
Skill Path will be sending catalogs and emails with links that we can send out to campus so everyone is aware of trainings being offered. The committee discussed trainings that multiple people could sign up for that would reach to more people in a cost-effective manner. The committee also discussed using campus resources to offer trainings that would also benefit students in their learning process such as health trainings via the nursing department: hand washing, blood pressure, dental care, eye care, etc.
The committee discussed vendors such as WA Bragg, maybe a vendor fair that would cover classes on many things such as electrical systems, irrigation systems, etc.
Amy Whatley may partner with us on the Work, Life, Balance and offer some health related training, etc.

All content is together for the newsletter and it will be out soon electronically and in print.
New name of the Staff Council Newsletter is ‘Bobcat Banter’. The winner will be awarded a $20 gift card for naming the newsletter.

Special Projects:
Staff game days: staff are supposed to have free admission to Bobcat sporting events, Paul Sanford will check on that. The committee is working to also have one game night a month where staff/faculty can bring a family member for free and possibly another incentive as well. The committee will have more information soon.
Working on developing a series of budgeting workshops: personal finances, living pay check to pay check and also investing, how to save some money for future financial security.

Plant Operations Staff voice concerns:
-          Concern about flex time to participate in staff development activities.
-          Told to come to a 2:00 p.m. meeting but must clock in at a central location no sooner than 2:00 p.m. but have to walk to the location from the clock in point and cannot help being late for the mandatory meetings.
-          After the mandatory meeting, plant operations staff were told not to take a break and were told that breaks were not mandatory.
-          Concern about supervisor favoritism and unfair practices.
-          Plant operations staff are not receiving clear communication regarding meetings, staff events/activities; including times and locations.
Staff Council is aware of these issues and potential legalities and will address these issues through the proper channels.

No new business.

No report from the chair.

Old Business:
Ennis Hall: Physical Plant Break Room- moving into what will be the Old Miller Dance Studio, behind Public Safety. The new dance studio, located downtown, is still being renovated. As soon as it is complete, physical plant employees will be able to use that space as their new break room area.

New Business:
Dress Down for Breast Cancer:
Two years ago, Staff Council partnered with the GIVE center to dress down for breast cancer. Staff opted to pay a small amount of money and were given a sticker to wear the day they dressed down.

Potato Drop:
This is an event where potatoes will be bagged in 10lb. bags that will be given to local food pantries, food banks, agencies, churches, etc. that will feed approximately 135,000 people that day. Families are welcome to come and participate, the more the merrier.

Holiday Family:
In past years Staff Council has sponsored a holiday family. Due to the economic climate Staff Council did not choose to support a holiday family. The economic situation has not changed since last year and many families on campus are struggling to support themselves. Suggestion for Staff Council to partner with the GIVE center to promote a food drive or something that would benefit many through small donations from many.