October 2011 Minutes


Erin Warnock

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Date meeting was held: 
Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 2:00pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 2:00pm
Location of Next Meeting: 

Wellness and Recreation Center conference room


Present: Reese Cohn, Toi Franks, Liz Havey, Jen Maraziti, Lee Martin, Tracy Norris, Jess Rehling, Paul Sanfdord, Erin Warnock
Regrets: Bevan Burgamy, Tim Henry
Absent: Coby Dixon, Jennifer Graham, Greg Mahan, Beth McCauley, Randy Monnett
Visitors: Kimberly Tarver, Dave Terrell

Kimberly Tarver from Human Resources spoke about the changes to benefits. Included are:
-The availability of Peachcare for Kids (comprehensive care for children) and they are waiving the six month enrollment period.
-Network is changing to BCBS Blue Open Access Network. HR is working to ensure that Oconee Regional will be in network as well as other Milledgeville providers.

-HSA is changing - participant must contribute to the plan to receive the match.
-Cigna offering free will preparation to employees. Various other benefits will also be available (discounts, etc.)
-All benefit changes should be made through ADP by November 18, 2011.
-Be sure to check TRS (www.trsga.com) and make sure information is correct.

Dave Terrell from Wellness and Recreation Center spoke about the opening of the center and made us aware of circumstances involving staff usage. The employee usage fee is $45/month and does not extend to spouse, children, etc. The building bond does not allow unrelated income which bars usage by anyone other than students or employees. No alumni or retirees is allowed usage at this time. Options are being explored to provide this in 2012. The usage fee is payroll deductible.

The Wellness Depot can be used as meeting space. The building has a classroom that seats 30, as well as meeting space. All spaces, including courts can be reserved through R25. Classroom usage follows the academic calendar. 100 students were hired to run the facility as well as some additional staff.

Minutes from the September meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report - of the $10,000 state funds, $5,248 of the reserved $7,000 has been used. Of the $3,000 reserved for other usage, $879 was used, leaving $2121.
Of the $3,500 in the Foundation account, $805 has been expended, leaving $2,695.

Committee Reports
Jen reported that RPIPC  met and discussed how books are sold and prices decided.

SAPC had no report.

Toi reported that the development committee has been working on placing links on the web page to other training sites. Bevan has taken on the task of adding them.

The Communications committee has been updating the delegate list.The newsletter has not been completed because committee blurbs weren’t turned in.

This committee would like Harry Battson to come speak to SC about communications and what the status/outcome of the forum feedback is.

Bylaws will meet with Lori Strawder to develop a timeline for elections.

Special Projects would like to send thank yous. Email Reese or Tracy to send one. Tracy will order a ream of cardstock to print them. The committee is working to set a date for family night - Lee is checking the sports schedules. A staff tour of the Wellness & Recreation Center will occur in November. Committee is working to organize a holiday tour of the Old Governor’s Mansion. Committee is also considering turning Staff Appreciation Week back into Staff Appreciation Day and do more events each month. The time frame of the week or day event will be in May after graduation.

The executive committee is still working on the flex time survey. A shared leave draft of policy will be ready in November, will go to the senate in January.

Evaluation updates: Toi and Jen met with Carol Ward. Official applicant info, performance evaluations, university movement, salary changes, training and compliance are all housed in HR, not within the department office that employee works for.

New business: Toi is compiling a list of all the building managers.
Mapworks results show an average to excellent rating in customer service for GC Staff.
Gregg Kaufman from the American Democracy Project,  sent information about the Public School Deliberation Forum for staff to review.

The compensation committee will finish up in February. Comparison markets have been reviewed. 49 schools were compared (6 within Georgia). Non exempt looks at middle GA only for comparison.

Who checks the suggestions boxes at Ennis, physical plant and Centennial CBX? The executive committee will discuss this.

Meeting adjourned at 3:12 p.m.