November 2011 Staff Council Minutes


Erin Warnock

Recorder's Full E-Mail Address: 
Groups audience: 
Date meeting was held: 
Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 2:10pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 2:00pm
Location of Next Meeting: 

Pat Peterson Museum Education Room


Present: Tim Brooks; Bevan Burgamy; Jennifer Graham; Liz Havey; Jen Maraziti; Beth McCauley; Randy Monnett; Tracy Norris; Jessica Rehling; Erin Warnock
Regrets: Reese Cohn; Coby Dixon; Toi Franks; Greg Mahan; Lee Martin; Paul Sanford

Liz Hathaway, partnering with the GIVE Center, is sponsoring Holiday Hope  - donations, canned goods or gifts- for two local families. Staff Council agreed to help. The possibility of partnering with the LITC was mentioned as they are currently doing Food for Fines.

Minutes from the October 2011 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Of the $7000 designated for Staff Development in the state account, $1867 has been expended leaving $5133. Of the other $3000 designated “other” $2220.80 is left. Of the $3500 in the Foundation account $805 has been expended leaving $2695.

Committee Reports
LIz Havey reported on RPIPC. They spoke to Carol Ward about benefits. HR is working to get more local providers. Oconee Regional is still not on the Point of Service (POS) plan and there are no gynecological providers. Beth is going to contact Kimberly Tarver for an update. Harry Battson spoke to the group about internal communications. Contact him directly to have events sent out. An intranet option is being developed to allow people to communicate like the old announce list. Connection magazine and WRGC are exempt from the University’s solicitation policy so the current Solicitation Policy is going to be updated.

Jennifer Graham reported on SAPC. They discussed improving second year retention. They also discussed Bobcat Vision. A question was raised about who can use it. Campus Life is responsible for equipment, Communications is responsible for content.

Bevan reported on Staff Development. The committee still needs to to do web updates. The plan is to add links to different trainings available to staff.

Jess reported on Communications. They committee meets again on Dec. 1, when they will discuss mailboxes and mementos for new staff. Time will be provided at the end of meeting to write up the newsletter blurb from each committee.

Beth reported on bylaws. The Committee has the division breakdowns and they will be reviewed at the next meeting.  The group will be updating the bylaws to reflect a recent change in delegates from one division to another.

Special Projects reported that the Wellness and Recreation Center tour went really well.  15 people attended. The hours are not staff friendly because they are limited in the morning, on weekends, and during student break periods. The Christmas tour of the Old Governor’s Mansion will be Dec. 16, 2011 at noon. The President’s office will be providing refreshments and Stas will be present.

Executive Committee updates: A Majority of other schools do not have a flex time policy. Georgia Health Sciences University does. A survey will be sent to staff to gather feedback.
The state staff council meeting will be held at Georgia College in May 2012.
Staff Council will vote at the December meeting on whether or not Staff Appreciation Week should be scaled down to Staff Appreciation Day and then hold more monthly events.

Event Communication was brought up: How do we distribute information among the delegates? Staff will discuss this more at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:57 p.m.