January Staff Council Meeting Minutes


Bevan Burgamy

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Date meeting was held: 
Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 3:00pm
Next Meeting Date: 
Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 3:00pm
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Museum Education Room


Staff Council

Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2011

Present: Tammie Burke, Toi Franks, Erin Warnock, Jennifer Graham, Bevan Burgamy, and Reese Cohn.
Regrets: Coby Dixon, Kim Gore, Greg Mahan, Janey McDade, Paul Stanford, Jen Maraziti, Lori Strawder, Tracy Norris, and Liz Havey.
Guest: Jessica Rehling.

The approval of the minutes will occur at the next staff council meeting since there is not a quorum.

Treasurer’s Report:
$3,285.64 Foundation Account
$3,536.00 State Account

Committee Reports
University Senate:
-          APC: No representatives present at the meeting to report.
-          RPIPC: No new information.
-          SAPC: Passed the religious observance policy that would allow a student to miss school in observance of a religious holiday without penalty.

Staff Development:
The committee has not met yet this year. Toi has been working with Skill Path to develop some workshops that would be good for our campus. Staff Development funding has been used by seven people since the beginning of January 2011. $924 has been used in 2011. There was $1,548 left from the first half of the year.  This will help fund training during Employee Appreciation week.

No new information, the committee has not met yet.

Nominations from three different divisions have been under way.
Nominations were not received from the President's Division and the Executive Committee will appoint someone if we get the approval from the President’s office.  Voting will take place January 26- February 2nd.

Special Projects:
Have not met this semester yet but Staff Appreciation is soon approaching and planning will soon begin.

Sustainability Council:
Stephanie Jones was unable to attend the last meeting. The minutes can
be found online. http://minutes.gcsu.edu/sustainability-council

-          Presidential Forum Request:
At the last meeting Jen asked if we wanted to ask the President to hold a budget forum. Since then, Governor Deal has sent out communications regarding the budget and other issues. There may be questions for the president outside of the budget realm. Suggestion to ask for the forum to be held during spring break when the students will be gone and more people can attend.

-          Holiday Calendar Committee:
Jen is having a discussion with Diane Kirkwood of Human Resources to better understand the possibility of having Staff Council representation on the committee to decide the holiday schedule for campus.

Old Business:
-          Bobcat Ramble Sponsorship Discussion- There was no quorum so we cannot vote on the sponsorship level. An email will be sent to decide about the sponsorship level.

-          Paws for Cause- Again there is no quorum to make a vote. This will be discussed at a future meeting.

New Business:
-          Bobcat Ramble Registration Table Volunteer- This will be a request that goes out with the vote of Bobcat Ramble sponsorship.

-          February 17th from 12-2: LGBTA reception will be in the banquet room.

Adjournment: 3:30.