GCSU Staff Council Minutes: August 19, 2010


Bevan Burgamy

Recorder's Full E-Mail Address: 
Groups audience: 
Date meeting was held: 
Thursday, August 19, 2010 - 12:00am
Next Meeting Date: 
Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 12:00am
Location of Next Meeting: 

Chappell Hall 113


Present: Bevan Burgamy, Tammie Burke, Toi Franks, Jennifer Graham, Liz Havey, Jack Hill, Jen Maraziti, Tracy Norris, Paul Sanford and Erin Warnock.

Regrets: Reese Cohn, Coby Dixon, Kim Gore, Janey McDade and Lori Strawder.

Guests: Kyle Brogdon, Michael Hunter, Elijah Shinholster, Dave Terrell, Patti Veal and Joe Windish.
3:03 p.m. Call to order
Introductions of staff council delegates.
Minutes from the July retreat are approved.
Kyle Brogdon: Branding and Logos for the University
Looking to simplify the brand name from Georgia College & State University to Georgia         College. Georgia College & State University is still the official name but our visual identity would be moved to simple Georgia College.
Colleges and departments will represent the brand consistently via uniform letterhead, business cards, etc.
Spirit and merchandising will have spirit logos and secondary spirit logos that feature the bobcat head, paw print, bobcat eye, etc.

Treasurer’s Report

$ 5,119.54  state

$ 3,324.26 foundation

Committee Reports
Staff Development:
·         Idea: provide a learning opportunity on facebook for staff council delegates and then possibly the university. Other classes such        as eBay, gardening, etc., would help people in their day to day lives. Possibly sending flyers to supervisors ahead of time will gain         support for their staff to attend different training opportunities.
·         Staff development guidelines: handed out to everyone. These will be discussed and approved/denied at the next meeting.
·         Work life balance could be the focus of personal development events/opportunties.
·         Newsletter: the goal is to provide one to the campus community every semester. Currently the group is looking for content ideas.
·         The Staff Council facebook page will be updated weekly.
·         The Staff Council Webpage will be updated once a month.
·         The Announce List will be faded out and replaced with list serves.
·         update next month
Executive Committee:
·         Town hall meetings: will be an open meeting for everyone on campus to bring ideas/concerns to Staff Council. The goal is to start them in September.
Special Projects:

- Working on a Monthly staff night at athletic games where families can get in free.

- Staff volunteer opportunities will be provided every month. (work with GIVE center)

- Parent’s Night out: babysitting for children so parents can have a free evening/date night

- Staff Intramural Teams

Chair Report
·         Wear GCSU Staff Council polo shirts on every day that there is a Staff Council meeting and Staff Council Sponsored events. All staff council delegates have polo shirts.
·         We are looking for a home for staff council.

·         Retreat review: looking for feedback, please email Jen with any further info. Next year the retreat will be schedule for the beginning/middle of June so it won’t interfer with summer vacations.

·         Staff Council lunch with President Leland. Dates will be emailed by Jen, please respond with your availability.
·         Staff Coffee and Conversation with President Leland
               7:45-10:00 in the LITC atrium. The first one is September 9th and goes on through April.
Discussion point for next meeting:
All University System of Georgia Presidents have the ability to call a “Campus Holiday” in which all university staff would not report to work and the campus would be closed. The staff would automatically lose a vacation day because the President cannot close or shut down the University for non emergencies. Do we want President Leland to exercise her right to close the campus on the day before a Holiday, i.e. the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve Day?  The first question that is brought up is what would happen to employees that don’t have vacation days? This topic will be discussed in more detail at the next Staff Council meeting.
Old Business: None
New Business:

- There will be a Smoking Cessation session in the afternoon of 8/24/10 at 5:15 in Atkinson,room 202.

- Delegates should communicate pertinent information to their respective departments.
- Senate reports will be added to the agenda starting in September.

Meeting adjourned at 3:58 p.m.