GCSU Staff Council Minutes April 15, 2010

April Staff Council Minutes

These minutes submitted by: Mandy Peacock on 5/11/10 at 3:19 PM.
Next meeting: May 20, 2010 3:00 pm Chappell 113

Staff Council Minutes
April 15, 2010
Attendance - Clyde Boone Jr, Coby Dixon, Toi Franks, Kim Gore, Jennifer Graham, Liz Havey, Janie McDade, Mandy Peacock, Tracy Norris, Lori Strawder, Patti Veal, Erin Westin, Joe Windish
Regrets - Jack Hill, Jen Maraziti, Patti Weimer
Guests - Greg Brown
1. Joe Windish Called the meeting to order at 3:02 pm.
2. Treasurer Report
Toi Franks reported that the balance in the foundation account is $213.76 and $888 in the state account. She asked that any receipts from credit card purchases be reported to her so she could keep an accurate balance. Joe Windish discussed the implementation of ePro on campus. He stated ePo will be in place by the fall, according to Susan Allen. This will allow tracking of expenses by individuals rather than groups.

3. Elections Report
Lori Strawder reported that everyone should have received changes that are to be made to the bylaws. Changes will be voted on at the next Staff Council Meeting.
4. Communications Report
Erin Weston reported that 3 suggestions for the newsletter name have been submitted thus far. She stated submissions would be accepted for a little longer. Clyde Boone asked if copies of the newsletter were available for those who don-t have access to computers. Erin stated that copies would be available for everyone.
5. Special Projects
Jennifer Graham reported that this committee is currently in the scoring phase for all nominations. She also stated that email would go out on a daily basis during Employee Appreciation Week to remind everyone of the events. Liz Havey has agreed to MC the awards and will introduce the nominator. Workshop registration is going well. Joe Windish stated he would have feedback forms available for those attending.

6. Report from The Chairperson
The lunch guarantee was also discussed. Pig-In-A-Pit and Deano-s are still the only restaurants participating in this. Georgia College, The City of Milledgeville, and The Milledgeville Courthouse are all interested in the guarantee.

7. New Business
Toi Franks asked for suggestions to replace her on the Conflict Resolution Committee. She asked if she could receive all suggestions by the end of the week.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45

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