GCSU Staff Council Minutes January 21, 2010

January Staff Council Minutes

These minutes submitted by: Mandy PEacock on 2/24/10 at 9:16 AM.
Next meeting: March 18, 2010 3:00pm Chappell 113

Staff Council Minutes
January 21, 2010
Attendance • Toi Franks, Jennifer Graham, Kim Gore, Erin Weston, Clyde Boone, Susy Michael, Jen Maraziti, Janey McDade, Patti Weimer, Lori Strawder, Jack Hill, Liz Havey, Joe Windish
Regrets • Mandy Peacock, Tammie Burke
Guests • Greg Brown, Dr. Doug Otter, Dr. Jim Lidstone, Dr. Ren•e Fontenot, Erin Clark and Kenyon Thweatt
1. Joe Windish Called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm. Mandy Peacock not attending due to the passing of her step father. Patti Weimer agreed to take minutes.
2. Dr. Ren•e Fontenot introduced Erin Clark and Kenyon Thweatt of The Clean Air Campaign of Georgia. They explained that this state sponsored program would work with our campus to encourage Faculty and Staff to find alternative ways (such as carpooling) of getting to campus to reduce pollution. They found that during the Olympics, when people were afraid to travel, the air quality improved. The program has set up monetary and other incentives to encourage employees to agree to switch to a clean commute alternative. Staff Council offered support for the program as presented. Dr. Fontenot will contact Diane Kirkwood at Human Resources about this.
3. Dr. Doug Otter took a few minutes to speak to us about Recycling. He is trying to set up a program for recycling and wanted to find out from Staff what items they would be willing to recycle. After several minutes of discussion, everyone agreed that we would like collect anything that can be recycled. It was agreed that drop off points for collection should be as close as possible so no one would find this an undue burden and to ensure that the program will be successful. Any money collected for recycling should be used to pay for the program.
4. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved unanimously.
5. Elections Report
Lori Strawder reported that the nominations had been collected thanks to Jen Maraziti. The test pilot software setup was almost complete for the pre-election. The nominated delegates were notified and their supervisors had given their approval. After the elections take place the delegates will be invited to the February meeting so they can be involved with the officer elections. Lori will handle the paper copies for the elections from Physical Plant. Joe thanked the By-laws and Elections committee for their hard work.
6. Treasurer Report
Toi Franks reported that the balance in the regular budget is $7136.74 with $1000 of that is being held in case we are asked to give it back. The balance of the foundation account is $2051.81. She asked that any receipts from credit card purchases be reported to her so she could keep an accurate balance.

New Business
A criterion needs to be set about year-end money. We need to decide yes or no on shirts and hats or how the money is to be spent ahead of time so we can have discussions that will be conclusive.
7. Communications
Erin Weston reported that we are on track for the newsletter. We will have a finished draft by the next meeting. Jennifer Graham is going to print 30 copies to hang around campus.
8. Awards
Jennifer Graham reported that Karen and Mandy have ideas for the President•s Picnic at the GCSU Baseball game. There were a few dates suggested but Jennifer is going to check with the President•s office to see if those dates are ok with her. We did decide that the 4:00 game would be the best so that people didn•t have to hang around after work before attending.
The Staff Excellence Award • maybe do an earlier time and have breakfast foods (the hot cider was a good choice).
9. Meeting adjourned at 4:05 pm.

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