GCSU Staff Council Minutes September 17, 2009

September Staff Council Minutes

These minutes submitted by: Mandy Peacock on 10/1/09 at 9:10 AM.
Next meeting: October 15, 2009 3:00p.m. Chappell 102

Staff Council • September 17, 2009 Minutes
Attendance: Clyde Boone, Jr., Tammie Burke, Toi Franks, Kim Gore, Jennifer Graham, Liz Havey, Jack Hill, Jen Maraziti, Janey McDade, Suzy Michel, Mandy Peacock, Lori Strawder, Lori Watson, Joe Windish
Regrets: Karen Higgs, Patti Weimer, Erin Weston
Guests: Greg Brown, Bevan Burgamy, Charles Frame, Cindy McClanahan
1. Joe Windish called the meeting to order at 3:01 p.m.
2. Minutes from previous meeting were approved unanimously
3. Treasurer Report • Toi reported there is currently a balance of $9457.74 with no tally as of yet from the Foundation account. Toi reminded us that last year we offered to give back 10% of the budget to match the reduction of other university units. A motion was made by Jen Maraziti and 2nd by Suzy Michel.
Joe Windish brought forward a request from Human Resources that Staff Council continue contributing to the cost of refreshments for New Employee Orientation. The cost for scheduled NEOs is anticipated to between $55 and $35 each. Lori Strawder made a motion and was 2nd by Jack hill.
4. Communications Report • Cindy McClanhan spoke on behalf of the Budget Resource Management Task Force that was established to make recommendations to the president on communications, plant efficiencies, operational efficiencies and revenue enhancements. Cindy stated that the communications subcommittee recommendations were the ones Staff Council would have a large role in during this time. She agreed to work with our events subcommittee to put a list of available resources that are available to our faculty/staff on the website, organize morale boosting events, and to be sure we continue to help educate our constituents.
Suzy Michel has asked for assistance in obtaining information for the newsletter by making sure faculty/staff know to report special announcements that could be published. She also asked for any suggestion in naming the newsletter and to forward those suggestions to Lori Strawder.

5. Greg Brown spoke regarding the Smoke Free Campus policy being considered by university senate. If passed, the policy could go into effect Spring Semester. Suggested designated smoking areas include the President•s Garden and the library courtyard. Sidewalks, as city property would not be affected. The policy needs to be approved by Senate and RPIPC before it can go into effect.

6. Staff Development • There were no reports.

7. Special Projects • Jennifer Graham reported a •Movie Night• is tentatively scheduled for October 16. A quote of $750 was received from Wesley Audio. This committee is currently looking into more feasible alternatives.

8. Bylaws and Elections • Pattie Weimer is currently planning to hold a special election to replace Danielle Fields. Liz Havey has volunteered to help with this project. This committee is continuing to work on changing the dates for nominations and elections so all faculty and staff will have the opportunity to cast their vote. Joe Windish suggested nominations be made by December 31 with voting to take place January 31st. Greg Brown and Bevin Burgamy both felt a month was too long, 15 days would be better. This is still being discussed.

9. Toi Franks spoke on Wellness Incentives on behalf of Dave Terrell. There have been several programs such as weight loss and sessions on how to stop smoking. Dave was hoping Staff Council could help come up with a few ideas to congratulate those that are successful. Bevin suggested that Mike Martino might be able to award reduced of a free session at Bodyplex. Toi suggested we could possible use funds for staff recognition to have a celebration for them.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 4:20p.m.

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