GCSU Staff Council Retreat July 21, 2009

Staff Council Retreat Minutes

These minutes submitted by: Mandy Peacock on 8/14/09 at 4:51 PM.
Next meeting: August 20, 2009 3:00pm 113 Chappell Hall

GCSU Staff Council Minutes
Staff Council
These minutes submitted by: Mandy Peacock on 8/13/09 at 3:42 PM.
Next meeting: Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 3 p.m. in Chappell 113
Staff Council •July 21, 2009 Minutes from Summer Retreat at West Campus
Attendance: Clyde Boone, Jr., Tammie Burke, Danielle Fields, Toi Franks, Kim Gore, Jennifer Graham, Liz Havey, Jack Hill, Jen Maraziti, Janey McDade, Suzy Michel, Mandy Peacock, Lori Strawder, Lori Watson, Erin Weston, Joe Windish,
Guests: Greg Brown, Bevan Burgamy, Ainsely Eubanks, Dr. Paul Jones, Stacey Milner, Barbara Monnett, Rose Murner, Dr. Mary Jane Phillips, Monica Starley

1. Joe Windish called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.
2. Past chairs and members of staff council, including Ainsley Eubanks, Barbara Monnett, Monica Starley, Rose Murner and Stacey Milner discuss the history of staff council including its formation. This will be compiled and included in the staff council website.
3. Dr. Mary Jane Phillips spoke with the group about various personalities. Using a format the group was to complete prior to the meeting, she explained how people communicate and perceive information differently based on personality type.
4. Bylaws and FY10 calendar were reviewed. A decision was made to change future meeting to the third Thursday of the month.
5. Delegates chose committees and set goals for FY10
6. Dr. Jones met with Staff Council to thank us for our service on behalf of President Leland and to discuss budget issues
7. Committees were formed and include :
Communications • Clyde Boone Jr., Jennifer Graham, Suzy Michael, Lori Strawder Erin Weston
• Establish format for Campus Connections
• Produce GCSU Staff Newsletter
• Create GCSU Staff Council Facebook group
• Update Website
Staff Development •Toi Franks, Liz Havey, Jack Hill, Janey McDade,
• Increase knowledge about staff development
• Revise guidelines for staff development
• Schedule guests to visit campus for various training seminars
• Use all funds possible for training development
Special Projects • Tammie Burke, Kim Gore, Jennifer Graham, Kim Gore, Jack Hill,
Kim Gore, Mandy Peacock

• Develop list of resources that includes links to financial counseling and money management staff that will be located on the website.
• Establish Employee Appreciation Days at various times throughout the year
• Oversee Annual Staff Recognition Awards

Bylaw/ Elections • Toi Franks, Jen Maraziti, Lori Strawder, Pattie Weimer,

• Incorporated changes to bylaws
• Review election procedure
• Oversee elections

8. Meeting was adjourned at 4:45

Next Meeting: The next Staff Council Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 20 at 3:00 in Chappell 113. All regular meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 3pm.

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