GCSU Staff Council Minutes March 24, 2009

Staff Council

These minutes submitted by: Jen Maraziti on 3/31/09 at 9:46 AM.
Next meeting: April 28, 2009 at 3:00 pm in the Bobcat Dining Room

Staff Council • March 24, 2009 Minutes

Attendance: Clyde Boone, Toi Franks, Liz Havey, Karen Higgs, Erin Lineberger, Jen Maraziti, Stacey Milner, Mandy Peacock, Suzy Michel, Judith Sanders, Lori Strawder, Patti Weimer, Erin Weston.

Regrets: Gina Peavy, Monica Starley, Lori Watson, Joe Windish

Guests: Tammie Burke, Bevan Burgamy, Kim Gore, Greg Brown, Danielle Fields

1. Karen Higgs called the meeting to order at 3:01 p.m. and introduced guests.

2. Two of the new delegates for July 1, Kim Gore, Danielle Fields were guests. Suzy Michel is completing Cindy Potts• term so her appointment started immediately.

3. Minutes were approved unanimously.

4. Treasurer•s report • Toi Franks reported the following balances for Staff Council.
-Foundation Account = $2,348.63
-Staff Council Account = $4,713.50

5. Committee Reports

a.) Nominations & Elections: Patti Weimer announced the Election Results.
Joe Windish • Chair
Lori Strawder • Vice Chair
Toi Franks • Treasurer
Mandy Peacock • Secretary
Staff Council Elected Senators: Erin Weston, Liz Havey, Jen Maraziti
Senate Committee Members: Jennifer Graham-Stephens, Danielle Fields
Karen Higgs suggested that new Senators attend the April Senate and Committee meetings to get a re-cap of the year. The committees are working on the end of the year reports.

b.) Staff Achievement: Erin Weston handed out the proposed Staff Appreciation Week Schedule and explained details and asked for feedback.
Tentative Schedule:
-Monday, April 27: Superlative Nominations are due; Employee Bowling
Tournament at Baldwin Lanes at 6pm
-Tuesday, April 28: Staff Council Meeting 3pm; Dedication of Bobcat Dining Room
-Wednesday, April 29: Employee Picnic at GCSU Baseball Game starting at 3pm
-Thursday, April 30: Prep for Awards Ceremony
-Friday, May 1: Employee Awards Ceremony 1-2pm A&S Auditorium; Ice Cream Social 2-3pm Fountain.
Annual Staff Awards
• Bobcat Spirit Award (1) \
• Innovation Award (1)
• Customer Service Award (1)
• Public Service Award (1)
• Outstanding Service Awards
o 5 recipients
o VP endorsement will be required and obtained prior to the recognition ceremony for all recipients

Suzy Michel informed everyone that Plant Staff have a hard time attending staff events because some supervisors tell them they cannot attend any staff functions when they are on the clock. Karen Higgs said that she met with President Leland about the issue so the concern is known. Erin Weston asked for help coordinating the Ice Cream Social and the Bowling Event. Stacey Milner offered to help coordinate both events and Jen Maraziti offered to help with the ice cream social. Stacey and Jen will recruit non-staff volunteers to assist with serving. Toi Franks asked if sherbet could be served, along with the ice cream. Karen Higgs thanked the committee for all their work and said she would follow up with the President to confirm the schedule of events.

c.) Campus Connections: Lori Strawder reported that the first Campus Connections group was set up at the most recent New Employee Orientation. Because there were so few people there, Lori Strawder, Lori Watson, and Karen Higgs are going to be the first campus connectors for this group.

6. Reports from the chairperson
a.) State Staff Council Conference: Karen Higgs gave a brief recap of the communications that had been underway about the State Staff Council Conference, scheduled for October. Karen Higgs emailed the State Executive Board to find out if the conference was going to be postponed due to the current fiscal climate. The state chair recently emailed asking us to proceed with plans to host this year•s conference. The members of the GCSU Staff Council Executive Committee discussed concerns regarding this request. Those concerns were presented to President Leland and she supported the suggestion that we opt out of hosting the conference. Discussion regarding this proposal continued until a motion was made to inform the State Executive Board that we would be unable to host this year•s conference due to current budget restraints and fiscal considerations. The motion passed by majority vote. Karen will inform Bobby Flowers, chair of the State Staff Council, of this decision.

7. Old Business:
-Toi Franks reminded everyone about Jeans for Genes, the dress down day to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis on Monday, March 30. The cost is $3.00 to dress down for the day.
-The Smoking Policy was mentioned and Karen Higgs said she would follow up with more information at the next Staff Council Meeting.

8. New Business:

-Greg Brown told everyone that the Bookstore (attached is MSU) is doing a 40% off sale on all merchandise beginning Friday, March 27.
-Greg Brown also mentioned that he is working on a campus bike rack inventory so if anyone had suggestions, please email him.
-Patti Weimer handed out flyers for the 11th Annual Athletic Auction on Sat. April 11.
-Mandy Peacock reminded everyone to support our troops on Friday, March 27. Stacey Milner•s uncle is part of the group that is being sent off on Friday.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Posting complete.
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