GCSU Staff Council Minutes March 27, 2008

Staff Council

These minutes submitted by: Maria E. Gordon on 3/31/08 at 4:40 PM.
Next meeting: Thursday, 4/24/08, 3:00 p.m., Bobcat Dining Room

Staff Council
Thursday, March 27, 2008
3:00 p.m., Bobcat Dining Room

Present: Clyde Boone, Jamie Wright, Lori Strawder, Patti Weimer, Stacey Milner, Monica Starley, Toi Franks, Gina Peavy, Judith Sanders, Lori Watson, Karen Higgs, and Erin Lineberger

Regrets: Maria Gordon, Joe Windish, Bessie Storey, Neil Jones, Lee Snelling and Keeno Weaver

Absent: Jen Maraziti

Guests: Greg Brown, Erin Weston, Liz Havey

1) Call to order: Gina Peavy, Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

2) Approval of the minutes: A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the minutes of the February meeting as written.

3) Treasurer•s Report (Jamie Wright): The balance in the general account is $2213.02. The balance in the foundation account is $1654.57

4) Committee reports
a) Nominations & Elections (no report)
b) Staff Development & Communications (Toi Franks): Nine requests, five for off campus events, totaling $1087 were received this month. The deadline to submit requests for Staff Development funds is April 15th and an announcement will be sent out to staff soon.
c) Staff Excellence Award (Stacey Milner): The Spring Staff Excellence Award Ceremony will be held Friday, May 2nd. Calls for nomination will begin Monday, March 31st.
d) Bylaws (no report)
e) Adoption of Holiday Family (no report)
f) Campus Connections (Lori Watson/Lori Strawder): A draft proposal for a staff •connection• program to be implemented July 1, 2008 for the benefit of new and recently hired staff employees was circulated. Delegates were asked to direct feedback to Lori Watson (lori.watson@gcsu.edu) or Lori Strawder (lori.strawder@gcsu.edu) before the next committee meeting, to be held on or before April 11th.
g) Special Projects (no report)
h) PTAC (Lori Strawder): Shelters at shuttle stops around main campus are in place. Also, proposed changes to the parking policy were presented. The changes are as follows:
a) Designate N. Clarke St lot as a Commuter lot (C permit required)
b) Reclassify all Overflow lots as Resident lots (R permit required)
c) Reclassify Bone House lot and the farthest east lot in Centennial Center as a Resident lot (R permit required)
d) Allow all students, including freshmen, the option to voluntarily upgrade to an R permit, on-campus residents only; or C permit for students not residing on campus. (All students continue to receive a P permit for no additional charge.)
e) Reduce enforcement hours, 7:30am • 5:00pm
f) Voluntary student upgrade permits will potentially increase to $60/annually (currently $40 annually)

5) Reports from the chairperson
a) President•s Administrative Leadership Council: In response to the chancellor•s initiative to streamline processes and services, the University System will establish a centralized system for payroll. Other service areas will follow. President Leland emphasized that no employees will be •lost• during these shifts.
b) The issue of purchasing card abuse is a system wide concern. Employees that have been issued a card are urged to use care and caution when using the card.

6) Old Business
a) Tobacco Free Campus (Karen Higgs): At the last meeting, Karen was asked to communicate with Quintus Sibley regarding the issue of a Tobacco Free Campus policy. Per Quintus, GCSU is not required by law to comply with the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act. At this time other groups/committees are reviewing this issue and until a policy drafting committee is established, there is no further need to pursue this issue.

7) New Business
a) Year end funding request (Jamie Wright): Year-end funding requests are being accepted now. However, due to higher than usual participation in Staff Council supported programs this year, surplus funds are likely to be low and may prevent our ability to support these year end requests.
b) W-2 Reprint Fees (Toi Franks): Questions regarding an email sent out to inform the campus community about an increase in W-2 reprint fees were raised.
a) Cost
(1) The Vice-Presidents agreed to review all administrative fees and to determine the appropriate process for notification of any changes to the fee structure.
(2) The capability for employees to print their W-2 forms via their EAPPs account is being investigated.
b) Tone of Email
(1) This is a customer service issue that will be forwarded to Diane Kirkwood.

8) Announcements

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m. Regularly scheduled meeting are: April 24, May 22, and June 26. All meetings are scheduled at 3:00 p.m. in the Bobcat Dining Room. Other meetings may be added as needed and regularly scheduled meetings may be changed in the event of scheduling conflicts.

Minutes recorded by Karen Higgs & Lori Watson.

Posting complete.
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