GCSU Staff Council Minutes January 24, 2008

Staff Council

These minutes submitted by: Maria E. Gordon on 1/25/08 at 11:27 AM.
Next meeting: Thursday, 2/28/08, 3:00 p.m., Bobcat Dining Room

Staff Council Minutes
Thursday, January 24, 2008
3:00 p.m., Bobcat Dining Room

Present: Clyde Boone, Jr., Toi Franks, Maria Gordon, Karen Higgs, Neil Jones, Erin Lineberger, Stacey Milner, Gina Peavy, Monica Starley, Bessie Storey, Lori Strawder, Lori Watson, Keeno Weaver, Patti Weimer, Joe Windish, and Jamie Wright

Regrets: Judith Sanders and Lee Snelling

Absent: Jen Maraziti

Guests: Liz Havey, Donnie Meeks, Mandy Peacock, Cindy Potts, Dr. Rachel Schipper, Wesley Smith, Dave Terrell, Erin Weston

Call to order: Gina Peavy called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

Approval of the minutes: A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the minutes of the November meeting as written.

Treasurer•s Report (Jamie Wright): The balance in the general account is $3671.87. The balance in the foundation account is $2059.57. Staff Council approved a donation to First Baptist Church and Habitat for Humanity of Baldwin County in memory of Martha Strawsma.

Committee reports:
a) Nominations & Elections (Patti Weimer): Gina Peavy opened the meeting by announcing the newly elected delegates for 2008-2010: Toi Franks, Liz Havey, Mandy Peacock, Cindy Potts, Ed Tollison, Lori Watson, and Erin Weston. Although their term is not effective until July 2008, Gina encouraged those not currently serving as delegates to attend Staff Council meetings prior to July. Gina explained they were eligible to nominate, vote, and serve as officers for the 2008-2010 year. However, they can not vote on any other matters prior to the start of their term of service. Patti Weimer distributed the nomination form. Patti will email all current and upcoming delegates a list of eligible nominees and the responsibilities of each vacant position. Nomination forms should be submitted to Patti Weimer at CBX 65. Once the nominations forms are tallied, Patti will contact each nominee and verify his/her willingness to serve. The ballot will be presented for a vote at our next meeting on February 28, 2008.
b) Staff Development & Communications (Toi Franks): Currently, we have a total of 11 requests, 5 continuing education & 6 off campus, for spring 2008.
c) Bylaws (Monica Starley): No report at this time
d) Adoption of Holiday Family (Lori Watson): Lori provided a recap of our adopted family for 2007. The family was referred to us by The Salvation Army. A special thanks to Stacey Milner, Judith Sanders, and Annette Mitchell for their assistance with this project. Given the tremendous response we receive every year, Lori proposed that we support more than one family in the future. Lori also stressed the need for improving communication with all parties involved with this project.
e) Campus Connections (Lori Watson): The committee will reconvene to change the scope of this initiative. The program will focus more on ambassadorship and will not be tied directly to the Human Resources training aspect as originally proposed. Lori will have more to report at our February meeting.
f) Special Projects (Jamie Wright): No report at this time
g) PTAC (Lori Strawder): The committee will meet next week. They are working on revising the current parking policy.
h) Staff Excellence Award (Stacey Milner): A special thanks to all those that assisted with this process. The committee will draft guidelines for the nomination and selection process. They will work with the Bylaws Committee to incorporate these guidelines into our bylaws.

Reports from the chairperson:
a) Bobcat Ramble: The event is scheduled for Saturday, March 1. Volunteers are needed. Patti Weimer challenged everyone to join her this year in participating in the Fun Run (Walk). Staff Council approved allocating $300 to purchase silicone bracelets for the event. If you have items to donate for goodie bags, please contact Amy Whatley at 7500 or amy.whatley@gcsu.edu.
b) State Staff Council meeting: Toi Franks & Gina Peavy will attend the meeting on February 15 at Macon State College.

Old Business:
a) Health/Benefits Fair (Lori Strawder): The event is scheduled for Thursday, March 6 from 9:00 am • 3:00 pm in the Magnolia Ballroom. Volunteers are needed. If interested, please contact Lori Strawder at 4467 or lori.strawder@gcsu.edu. Helium and door prizes are also needed for the event.
b) State Staff Council Conference (Stacey Milner): Georgia College & State University is scheduled to host the conference in October of 2009. The following individuals volunteered to serve with Stacey Milner and Karen Higgs on the planning committee: Janie Dunn, Toi Franks, Ruby Griffin, Gina Peavy, Monica Starley, Patti Weimer, and Erin Weston. In preparation, the following locations were reserved on campus: Magnolia Ballroom, Arts & Sciences Auditorium, and Museum Education Room. Dr. Ginger Miller and her Mass Communications students agreed to assist with this project. The Student Government Association has pledged to co-sponsor the event. Midsouth Federal Credit Union will assist with financial support. Ideas already in discussion are a downtown tour, a jazz band performance, and a possible museum exhibit geared specifically to staff.

New Business:
a) Homecoming (Gina Peavy & Keeno Weaver): The event is scheduled for February 25 • March 2. The theme is •Blue & Green Like You•ve Never Seen•. Staff Council will assist with the judging of the office decoration contest and enter a float in the parade. Joe Windish agreed to organize the preparation of the float and acquire a reusable Staff Council banner.
b) Staff Lounge (Keeno Weaver): A question was presented regarding a staff lounge on campus. Three Staff Council delegates currently serve on the Campus Wellness Committee. They will present this issue to that work group for discussion. They will also forward a suggestion to compile a list of •free space• across campus that is available to staff.
c) Concern-holiday schedule (Karen Higgs): Several staff members inquired into the process for determining the annual holiday schedule. The issue surrounded our recent holiday break that required staff members to work on Christmas Eve and recognized New Year•s Eve as a holiday. The annual holiday schedule is recommended to the President and the President•s Executive Committee by the Vice President of Business & Finance for approval.
d) Concern-class schedule (Maria Gordon): Due to time constraints, this issue was tabled until our February meeting.
e) Concern-smoking on campus (Lori Watson): A concern was presented regarding the enforcement of smoking and non-smoking areas across campus. This issue will also be presented to the Campus Wellness Committee for consideration.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m. Regularly scheduled meeting are: February 28, March 27, April 24, May 22, and June 26. All meetings are scheduled at 3:00 p.m. in the Bobcat Dining Room. Other meetings may be added as needed and regularly scheduled meetings may be changed in the event of scheduling conflicts.

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