REVISED Staff Council Retreat July 20, 2007

REVISED Staff Council Retreat

These minutes submitted by: Maria E. Gordon on 7/26/07 at 2:58 PM.
Next meeting: TBA

Staff Council Minutes
Staff Council Retreat: 7/20/07
Location: Lake Laurel

Present: Karen Higgs, Janie Dunn, Judith Sanders, Neil Jones, Monica Wood, Keeno Weaver, Lee Snelling, Lori Watson, Gina Peavy, Erin Lineberger, Virginia Simmons, Clyde Boone, Jamie Wright, Toi Franks, Julia Huprich, Joe Windish, and Lori Strawder

Guests: Mary Jane Phillips, Ainsley Eubanks

Regrets: Maria Gordon, Stacey Milner, Lilia Biktyakova, Vicki Folendore, Ruby Griffin, Jen Maraziti, and Patti Weimer

Call to order: Gina Peavy called the meeting to order at 8:31 am.

Team Building Exercise: Dr. Mary Jane Phillips presented information about different personality types and the ways we can work together. Gina Peavy encouraged everyone to look for ways we can bring use our unique strengths to benefit Staff Council and to work together through our differences.

Bylaws Review
a) Section II A: Gina charged the Bylaws Committee to review the missions of staff councils at other USG institutions and make a recommendation about the mission of our Staff Council. In addition, the Bylaws Committee is also charged with making a recommendation of election of Staff Council senators and non-senators.
b) Section II B: The committee will also make a recommendation about the need to include a clause that Staff Council will not review individual personnel issues.
c) Section III A 1: An accurate count of staff employees per division is needed this year. A review of the representation structure will occur once an accurate count is obtained.
d) Section III B 1: Elections for new delegates will be held in December. Officer elections will be held in January and new delegates are required to attend this meeting. New delegates are encouraged to attend meetings February • April, although this is optional. Delegates officially assume representative status in July.
e) Section III B 1: The Library and Instructional Technology Center will no longer have separate delegates, per Section III A 1.
f) Section III C 1: Terms will still be two years. In the event that two members are elected at the same time, one person will be asked to volunteer to stagger their term.
g) Section III D: Divisional changes will be handled as necessary.
h) Section III F: •Executive administrative assistant• will be changed to •Chief of Staff.•
i) Any further changes should be sent to Monica Wood, chair of the Bylaws Committee. Changes to the bylaws will be voted on at the next Staff Council meeting.

Best Practices
a) Staff Council should focus on a common goal and work together. With limited time, we should capitalize on the strengths of the group.
b) Remember that we are all employed full-time on campus and may have other issues to attend to other than Staff Council.

a) Nominations and Elections Committee: Patti Weimer, chair; Lori Strawder; Erin Lineberger
b) Staff Development and Communications Committee: Julia Huprich, chair; Keeno Weaver; Joe Windish
c) Staff Excellence Award Committee: Stacey Milner, chair; Monica Wood; Judith Sanders; Gina Peavy; Patti Weimer
d) Bylaws Committee: Monica Wood, chair; Joe Windish; Virginia Simmons; Neil Jones
e) Adoption of Holiday Family Committee: Stacey Milner; Judith Sanders; Neil Jones; Monica Wood; Lori Watson; Gina Peavy; Jamie Wright
f) Campus Connections Committee: Lori Watson, co-chair; Karen Higgs, co-chair; Lori Strawder; Greg Brown; Randy Gilman; Don Smith; Ginger Eady; Crystal Hurt; Grace Edwards; Annette Mitchell; Patrice Terrell; Teresa Frey; Brenda Roberts
g) Special Projects Committee: Jamie Wright; Julia Huprich; Toi Franks; Janie Dunn; Karen Higgs; Clyde Boone; Jen Maraziti
h) Reminder: non-members can serve on committees.
i) The Executive Committee plans the retreat.

Calendar Review
a) All Staff Council meetings will be held in the Bobcat Dining Room, when possible.
b) The dates of the Staff Excellence Award ceremonies may change depending on the President•s schedule.
c) Those delegates serving on a University Senate committee will want to ask someone to attend the October 4 meeting in their place if they would like to attend the State Staff Council Conference at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta.
d) Reminder: Nominations and elections within divisions will take place in December 2007 (edit to note on calendar page for January 2008). At the Staff Council meeting on January 24, 2008, officers will be elected.
e) The proposed date of the next Staff Council Retreat, July 18, 2008, may change.

Goals for 2007-2008
New goals for the year include:
a) Communication
a. Update bylaws
b. Review/update website
c. Determine method for recommending representation to the University Senate
d. Increase Staff Development promotion
e. Continue development and promotion of Campus Connections
b) Participate in University Senate and have representatives on university-wide committees
c) Support GCSU and community initiatives
a. Bobcat Ramble
b. Holiday Family
c. Wellness Programs
d) Conduct extensive review of the bylaws

Annual Report:
a) The data for the annual report was reviewed. Changes to the committee representation will be made.
b) $6920 was used from the Staff Development funds.

State Staff Council Conference:
a) The State Staff Council Conference will be October 4-5, 2007 at Southern Polytechnic State University.
b) Registration forms were distributed. Those still needing a registration form should contact Gina.
c) Permission to attend should be requested from each supervisor. Staff Council is encouraging everyone to attend, pending permission from supervisors.
d) Staff Council will fund the expenses to attend the conference.
e) Registration forms should be completed and turned in to Gina by August 17.

Open Agenda Items:
a) Lori Strawder had spoken with Diane Kirkwood, who expressed concern about the future of the Health Benefits Fair. With HR being shortstaffed, Staff Council•s assistance in helping support the fair would be appreciated; Staff Council agreed that assistance may be provided. More details will follow.
b) Lori Strawder and Clyde Boone brought a message of gratitude from employees in the Physical Plant, who appreciated their Georgia College & State University shirts.
c) Lori and Clyde have also met with each department at the Plant to discuss issues and have resolved those issues with the assistance of Diane and Dave Groseclose. The only unresolved issue is one of merit.
a. Staff Council has been asked to support a proposal to modify the current method and practice of merit distribution.
b. Staff Council asked that this issue be brought as a written proposal for consideration. The issue has already been presented to Dr. Haney, and Staff Council will consult with him for advice on the matter.
d) Funding for New Employee Orientation will continue, up to $300 per year. Sodexho currently donates food for the orientation as long as the delivery fee is paid for.
e) The Staff Survey will be reviewed and distributed to all employees by October 1, 2007.
f) An amendment to the minutes from May 17, 2007 will be made. These minutes will be submitted for approval at the next Staff Council meeting.

Staff Council agreed that the retreat was a success and that, as a group, it is better prepared to efficiently handle issues facing staff at GCSU by working together as a team.

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