GCSU Staff Council Minutes May 17, 2007

Staff Council

These minutes submitted by: Maria E. Gordon on 5/18/07 at 8:53 AM.
Next meeting: TBA

Staff Council meeting
Thursday, May 17, 2007
2:00 p.m., Library Conference Room

Present: Maria Gordon, Neil Jones, Jamie Wright, Janie Dunn, Lilia Biktyakova, Karen Higgs, Julia Huprich, Vicki Folendore, Lee Snelling, Keeno Weaver, Toi Franks, Lori Watson, Joe Windish, Gina Peavy, Stacey Milner, Monica Wood and Patti Weimer

Absent: Ruby Griffin

Regrets: Jen Maraziti

Guests: Lori Strawder, Virginia Simmons, Clyde Boone, Jr., Myrna Olsson-Owen, Greg Brown, Matt Mize and Judith Sanders

Call to order: Gina Peavy called the meeting to order at 2:04 p.m.

Approval of the minutes: A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the minutes of the April meeting as written.

Committee reports:
a) Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee (Lori Strawder): Lori provided a summary of the upcoming shuttle service and parking modifications effective August 2007.
b) Staff Excellence Award: Greg Brown, Manager of the Parking & Transportation Office, announced an added perk for the winner. A reserved parking space will be available on campus for the winner of the Staff Excellence Award. The recipient will utilize the space the semester following his/her receipt of the award.
c) Treasurer•s Report (Karen Higgs): The balance in the general account is $2,484.69. The balance in the foundation account is $488.25.
d) University Senate (Karen Higgs, Stacey Milner, Gina Peavy and Lori Watson): The incoming staff senators provided a brief summary of the mission & goals of the Senate sub-committees they will serve on for the 2007-2008 year.

Reports from the chairperson:
a) Gina Peavy announced we need to replace a newly elected delegate that is no longer employed at GCSU. Gina Peavy will consult with the division head of the department and report back to Staff Council.
b) Gina asked for a volunteer to take over the coordination of the Staff Development Fund. Julia Huprich volunteered to serve as the coordinator. Joe Windish volunteered to coordinate campus-wide publicity for the program.
c) The Staff Survey is being reviewed for final approval. Once approved, Gina will distribute the survey to all delegates via email. Please submit to Gina (gina.peavy@gcsu.edu) the number of surveys you will need to distribute to your division.
d) The Annual Report will be composed at our summer retreat.
e) Staff issues brought to our attention:
1) A concern regarding the cost effectiveness of sending program/event advertisements to all University employees was submitted. A suggestion was made to implement an •opt-out• program that would allow individuals/departments the option to discontinue these mailings.
2) A parking issue was submitted. This issue was forwarded to the Parking & Transportation Office for further review.
3) A concern regarding the clarity of nomination guidelines and submission for the Staff Excellence Award was presented.

Old business:
a) Year end fund requests
1) Physical Plant • Lori Strawder presented a proposed shirt and cap. A discussion followed regarding the color, cost, and vendor for each item.
2) Public Safety • A detailed summary of their request was distributed.
3) A motion was made to table the vote until quotes could be obtained through the official GCSU channels.
4) A year end fund request procedure will be discussed and established at our summer retreat.
b) Joe Windish announced that Dr. Schipper graciously donated another printer to be utilized by the Physical Plant staff.

New business:
a) Intercultural Communications Workshop (Gina Peavy) • A motion was made, seconded, and approved to fund $140 from FY08 funds in support of this project.
b) Bylaws Revision (Monica Wood) • Please email Monica (monica.wood@gcsu.edu) with any suggested changes to our current bylaws. An open discussion regarding the email submissions will be held at our summer retreat. If a decision can not be made at the retreat, a committee will be formed to draft proposed bylaw changes.
c) Conflict Resolution Committee (Julia Huprich) • The two current staff members serving on this committee are rolling off. The committee requires a two year commitment. Julia will send an email containing the link to the committee•s website to all Staff Council delegates. Anyone interested should contact Gina (gina.peavy@gcsu.edu) by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22.
d) Staff Council Retreat (Karen Higgs) • Karen is coordinating the day and location of the retreat. Look for email correspondence from her as the planning phase progresses.
e) Meetings with Physical Plant (Lori Strawder & Clyde Boone, Jr.) • Lori & Clyde now meet with the Physical Plant staff after each Staff Council meeting as a way to keep their constituents informed. As a result of these meetings, several concerns were brought to their attention. They are meeting with various offices such as Human Resources and Institutional Equity in an effort to address these concerns.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

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