GCSU Staff Council Minutes September 7, 2006

Staff Council

These minutes submitted by: Maria Gordon on 9/8/06 at 8:47 AM.
Next meeting: Thursday, 9/9/06, Centennial 104

Staff Council meeting
Thursday, September 7, 2006
2:00 p.m., 202 Atkinson Hall

Present: Maria Gordon, Julia Huprich, Jamie McDuffie, Lori Watson, Lilia Biktyakova, Lee Snelling, Gina Peavy, Joe Windish, Karen Higgs, Patti Weimer, Jen Maraziti, Toi Franks, Vicki Folendore, Janie Dunn, and Keeno Weaver

Absent: Ruby Griffin, Neil Jones, Monica Wood, and Stacey Milner

Call to Order: Gina Peavy called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the minutes of the August meeting as written.

Committee Reports:
a) Staff Development (Janie Dunn) • Roughly $600 has been used in staff development funds. The committee is working to more clearly state the guidelines regarding the use of these funds.
b) New Employee Mentoring (Lori Watson) • Patrice Terrell in Human Resources has agreed to assist with this project. Gina Peavy attended New Employee Orientation and asked those in attendance for suggestions and to share issues they encounter as new employees. Gina will contact them about possibly serving on this committee. Mike Madison, a graduate student in Business & Finance, is constructing a site of helpful forms. The site may be viewed at http://info.gcsu.edu/intranet/forms.
c) Back-to-School Supplies • Lee Snelling agreed to organize the drop off to the Boys & Girls Club and coordinate a press release regarding the event.

Reports from the chairperson:
a) Staff Forum • The forum is tomorrow at 2:30 in the A&S Auditorium. All Staff Council members should attend and wear their shirts. Dr. Leland will introduce the delegates. Gina Peavy will present our goals for the year. Dr. Leland will address staff issues & concerns.
b) University Senate By-Laws • Gina Peavy & Neil Jones serve on this committee. The committee is considering revisions to the bylaws regarding staff representation.

Old business:
a) Staff Council members are needed to serve on the Bobcat Ramble planning committee. The following members volunteered to speak to local PTA organizations in January 2007 about participating in Bobcat Ramble:
i. Gina Peavy • Blandy Hills Elementary
ii. Vicki Folendore • Georgia Military College
iii. Patti Weimer • Creekside Elementary & Midway Elementary
iv. Lori Watson & Toi Franks • Oak Hill Middle School
b) Karen Higgs contacted Alice Loper regarding coordinating the Wellness Lunch & Learn events. Student Health Services is in the process of hiring a Health Educator that could work with Staff Council with these events.
c) Patti Weimer is working to secure a season pass for the Staff Excellence Award. She is also coordinating a Staff Council concessions night where members would serve concessions. Can drinks would be served and the tabs would be collected for the Ronald McDonald House.

New business:
a) Stacey Milner will replace Angela Criscoe as a representative from Institutional Research & Enrollment Management.
b) The Staff Council website needs to be updated to include Toi Franks and Stacey Milner.
c) Congratulations and thanks to Vicki Folendore for agreeing to serve on the follow up & planning committee for the next University Senate Retreat.
d) A concern was submitted anonymously online regarding Physical Plant•s lack of representation on Staff Council. Lilia Biktyakova, one of the Business & Finance representatives, will contact Pam Glover to coordinate a day/time to meet with Physical Plant staff.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m. Regularly scheduled meetings for this year are: November 9, January 11, March 8, and May 17. All meetings are scheduled for 2:00. Other meetings may be added as needed and regularly scheduled meetings may be changed in the event of scheduling conflicts.

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