GCSU Staff Council Minutes August 7, 2006

Staff Council

These minutes submitted by: Maria Gordon on 8/21/06 at 8:08 AM.
Next meeting: 9/7/06 at 2:00 p.m. in 202 Atkinson Hall

Staff Council meeting
Monday, August 7, 2006
2:00 p.m., 211 Lanier Hall

Present: Maria Gordon, Julia Huprich, Jamie McDuffie, Lori Watson, Ruby Griffin, Lilia Biktyakova, Jason Hitchcock, Angela Criscoe, Neil Jones, Lee Snelling, Monica Wood, Gina Peavy, Joe Windish, Carol Brown, Karen Higgs, Patti Weimer, Jen Maraziti

Absent: Vicki Folendore, Janie Dunn, Keeno Weaver,

Call to Order: Gina Peavy called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.

Approval of Minutes. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the minutes of the Staff Council Retreat as written.

Committee Reports:
Nominations & Elections
Nothing to report at this time.

Staff Development & Communication
Neil Jones and Janie Dunn are working on updating policies regarding Staff Development funds.

Staff Excellence Award
Gina Peavy plans to schedule a meeting with Amy Nitsche, Vice President for University Advancement, to discuss the proposed Staff Excellence brochure.

Adoption of Holiday Family
Lori Watson reported that Kendall Stiles will have information regarding the family in late September.

President Leland is excited about our goals for the upcoming year. Dianne Kirkwood offered her graduate assistant to work on developing the online staff training manual. Neil Jones will research current resources in use and report this information to Lori Watson. Lori will be the point person to work with Dianne Kirkwood and her graduate assistant. Staff Council is laying the ground work for this project and Human Resources will maintain it.
Staff Council members will be involved with Bobcat Ramble. It was suggested that members speak to local PTA groups. We were reminded to wear our Staff Council shirts.
Staff Council is collecting can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Monica Wood will follow up with Karen Higgs at a later date regarding this project. Gina Peavy is visiting a Ronald McDonald House and will bring back collection boxes.
The brown bag Wellness events are scheduled to start in September. A list of preliminary events is forthcoming.
The deadline for collecting school supplies has been extended until August 18th. Gina will come around and collect all supplies some time after August 21st. We need to coordinate a press release and photo for the drop off of supplies to the Boys & Girls Club.

Staff Open Forum:
President Leland will introduce Staff Council members and Gina Peavy will present our goals for the year. Members are asked to help address questions & issues to discuss during the forum. Please solicit input from staff member and send a list to Gina Peavy.

Staff Lunches with President Leland:
Lunches with Dr. Leland will be held on Tuesdays on a rotating basis in Sodexho cafeteria. You may bring your lunch or purchase it in the cafeteria. At least three members will be assigned to attend each lunch.

Statewide Staff Council conference:
The dates were changed to November 2-3 due to Fort Valley•s upcoming Board of Regents visit.

Dates to remember:
April 13 • Relay for Life
April 14 • Athletic Auction
April 21 • Bobcat Ramble
November 4 • Parents• Day & Sweetwater

Issues surrounding current delegates:
Joe Windish was elected under the President•s area. His position is now under the Library. By a unanimous vote, it was decided Joe would remain on Staff Council and Gina Peavy will solicit input from DTS regarding the placement of a staff member from their area in Staff Council.
Angela Criscoe was elected under Institutional Research & Enrollment Management. She is leaving the University. Per our bylaws, we will reference the vote and offer the person with the highest vote a position on Staff Council.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Posting complete.
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