GCSU Staff Council Minutes March 15, 2001

Staff Council Minutes from March 15, 2001

These minutes submitted by: Erica Freitag on 4/20/01 at 9:08 AM.
Next meeting: Monday, April 23, 2001 at 2:00 p.m.

GCSU Staff Council
March 15, 2001
2:00 p.m. in Chappell 113


Delegates present: Cindy Diaz (Chair), Crystal Miller, Terri Pope, Ann Portwood, Clay Cadwell, Barbara Monnet, Alma Hall, Kendall Stiles, Jenny Gettis (Past Chair), and Erica Freitag who recorded the minutes.

Other members present: Quintus Sibley, Ex-Officio and Ainsley Eubanks, State Representative

Excused: Bill Bloodworth, Robert Ethier

Cindy Diaz called the meeting to order and asked everyone to review the minutes that were posted electronically. Clay Cadwell made a motion to approve the minutes; it was seconded by Terri Pope and passed. Each delegate was given an agenda.

Terri updated everyone about the Staff Council Relay for Life Team. We have 14 members so far and the deadline to join is Friday. We will meet at 5:30 p.m. to set up. Bank night is on April 17th; so all money is due to Ann Portwood by April 16th. Included with your money should be a photocopy of all checks and all cash should be converted to a check. There will be a team meeting on Tuesday, March 20th at 1:00 p.m. in A&S 251 to discuss the team name, the theme, the banner, and decorations. Cindy noted that she has some old vinyl records and Barbara has a record player.

Cindy mentioned that we would probably have to add some dates to the Staff Council list of meeting dates. She reminded the delegates about our current budget status.

Report from The G.I.V.E. Center

Kendall Stiles gave her report regarding Community Service Projects.

1) Green ribbon money for Kiss-a-Pig is due by Monday.
2) Twister Tournament for the American Diabetes Association next week.
3) Relay for Life will be on April 20th and 21st at Walter B. Williams Park.
4) During Spring Break a group of students will be doing an ?alternative spring break? and they will need food and supplies. Kendall will send out an email about this later.
5) GCSU Bake-Off on April 17th. Baked goods will be sold for $1.00 per slice and all money goes to Relay for Life.
6) Breakfast of Champions will be on April 26th at 3:00 p.m. in MSU Lounge.
7) Staff Excellence Awards will hopefully be on April 27th in the morning. The committee is working on this.
This last item prompted some discussion regarding whether or not to announce the names of all nominees for the Staff Excellence Award. Some were in favor of this idea and others were not. Some suggestions were to award honorable mentions or perhaps send each nominee a letter telling them they were nominated. Another question was do we pay for some type of prize for each nominee. After much discussion, it was suggested that each delegate go back to his/her area to see how staff felt about recognizing all of the nominees and to report back at the next meeting.

State Meeting Report

Ainsley reported that the state meeting on February 23rd went very well. Two bills they are looking at are #5163 regarding investment of the TRS funds and H211 regarding the elimination of the penalty for early retirement. She suggested each delegate pull them up and read them online and noted that we are supporting both bills. Another item that was introduced was the suggestion to reduce the number of years of employment before vesting occurs from 10 years down to 5 years. It was also mentioned that raises would be awarded in October and that they will continue to be in October each year. One question that was raised at the state meeting was regarding a statewide sick leave pool. Peachcare is the new insurance program for low-income families, but state employees are not eligible for Peachcare. Ainsley stated they are drafting a letter. Another question was regarding the faxing of timesheets. Almost every institution present at the meeting said they were allowed to fax in their timesheets and then mail the originals. The next conference will be at Kennesaw on October 4th and 5th.

New Business

We have an update on the Print Shop and the questions that arose after their relocation. They are proposing to purchase a network printer with end-of-year funds that would enable employees to send an email or file. When we inquired about them providing delivery, it was not yet known if this would be possible.

Cindy will ask Cecile to send out an email reminder about the Open Forum on March 22nd at 2:00 p.m. in A&S Auditorium.

Cindy reminded the delegates that the Board of Regents would be on campus April 16th and 17th. Staff Council will be involved in some capacity. The Student Government Association is heavily involved and will be providing office space. We are offering to assist at The Hampton Inn and welcome the BOR when they check-in there. Terri asked if we would be wearing nametags. Clay offered to make them for the delegates if someone would provide him with the names and information. Quintus suggested we might want to set up and staff a temporary office for the Regents. There will be approximately 60 people, plus support staff. Cindy will coordinate these efforts with Heather Davis, SGA President. Cindy will also send an email out to all delegates when she hears back from Max Allen.

Cindy and Quintus continue to receive phone calls and emails regarding the issue of timesheets. Most of the comments express personality conflicts and customer service experiences with Payroll Services. Cindy reminded the delegates that we cannot handle individual grievances. Some options would be to reflect this information on your individual Staff Survey or lodge a complaint with the division. When asked about the status of faxing in timesheets, Quintus replied that we would pass along the information but only if we have a list of the specific institutions.

Staff Council needs to appoint two people to the Conflict Resolution Committee. For now Cindy will represent Staff Council and Stephanie Sloan agreed to serve until June. Robert will take over one position when he assumes the responsibilities of Chair next year. However, we still need one additional delegate beginning in July.

Cindy has received the list of those eligible to serve on Staff Council from the Business & Finance Office. The information will be sent to the Vice Presidents. They are asked to hold elections in their respective divisions and then submit the new delegates names to Cindy. As of right now, no one has asked to be removed from the ballot. She will forward the information to Priscilla Hooks, Chair of the Nominating and Elections Committee, and will forward the delegate information. The Nominating and Elections Committee will handle the elections through the Vice Presidents as stated in the bylaws.

Ainsley shared with the delegates some information about a conference with Steven Covey that will take place in Macon on June 6th. She also shared information about a conference for Professional Development of Women to be held on May 21st. Alma reported that we still have funds available for staff development.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 23rd at 2:00 p.m. in Chappell 113.

Respectfully submitted,
Erica L. Freitag

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