GCSU Staff Council Minutes December 14, 2000

Staff Council (ammended)

These minutes submitted by: Erica Freitag on 12/19/00 at 4:06 PM.
Next meeting: Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 2:00 p.m. in 113 Chappell Hall

GCSU Staff Council
December 14, 2000
Chappell 113 at 2:00 p.m.


Delegates present: Cindy Diaz (Chair), Crystal Miller, Priscilla Hooks, Robert Ethier, Barbara Monnett, Terri Pope, Ann Portwood, Bill Bloodworth, Clarice McLin, Alma Hall, Kendall Stiles, and Erica Freitag who recorded the minutes.

Other members present: Quintus Sibley, Ex-Officio and Ainsley Eubanks, State Representative.

Excused: Clay Cadwell and Jenny Gettis, Past Chair.

Cindy Diaz called the meeting to order and asked everyone to review the minutes that were posted electronically. Robert Ethier made a motion to approve the minutes; it was seconded by Terri Pope and passed unanimously. Each delegate was given an agenda and a packet of handouts.

Old Business

Cindy Diaz updated everyone on the status of the staff feedback link that has been added to the Staff Council website. So far we have received one comment and one suggestion. Delegates were asked to encourage others in your area to use this newly created form. It was suggested that we print hard copies of the online form for Physical Plant employees. After some discussion it was decided we would re-create and print up a form for distribution at Physical Plant, rather than print the online form directly from the screen. Clarice will talk to Rosa about finding a place to install a box in which Physical Plant employees could drop off their completed forms.

Kendall Stiles gave her report regarding Community Service Projects. It was previously decided that Staff Council would contribute money towards a holiday party for Goodwill during this holiday season. The party will take place this afternoon and Kendall will buy the necessary items. Delegates were asked to give their contributions to Kendall before leaving today. Kendall gave the delegates information regarding two upcoming events that Staff Council may wish to participate in:

1) Bowl for Kids Sake on February 27th ? at Baldwin Bowling Alley to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
2) Relay for Life on April 20th and 21st ? at Central State Hospital. The officla kickoff will take place on January 16th at Creekside Elementary School and GCSU will host a kick-off on January 23rd.

New Business

In University Council the proposed Faculty bylaws were distributed. One of the main areas dealing with staff is the addition of inviting the Chair of Staff Council to the Faculty meetings as a non-voting member. Cindy Diaz shared with us copies of a hand-out of the Faculty bylaws and then discussion took place regarding Section 12 which states: ?The faculty may decide to review, to amend or to rescind any action of councils or committees empowered to act on its behalf at a regular or called faculty meeting (Article IV, Section 4).? Quintus Sibley then gave some background information regarding the councils and committees who report to the faculty and those who report to the President. Through this discussion he listed several questions that have been asked and may need to be further examined. Is it ok to put Staff Council in the same category as other councils and committees? Should Staff Council be considered different? Should faculty have a seat on Staff Council? If so, does this go against why Staff Council was created? Robert Ethier, Chair-Elect, will accompany Cindy Diaz, Chair, to the next University Council meeting. The last meeting was cancelled, but they will begin to meet again in the spring. The spring semester dates for University Council have not yet been set.

Staff Council and President DePaolo had plans to schedule a full staff meeting (all staff campus-wide) last November, but the meeting was not announced early enough for staff to make plans to attend. Cindy Diaz will meet with Ceil Parker and check the calendar for a new date during January or February 2001. During that time of year we will be reviewing the budget and therefore, this would be the appropriate time for this meeting and the best time for staff to ask questions.

Next on the agenda was the topic of student and staff interaction. This question arose in regards to the recent email concerning teaching faculty being the only ones allowed to use Table Talk. Much discussion took place regarding the history of Table Talk, what mission they are trying to achieve, why staff was not originally included, the question of should staff be included, the availability or unavailability of funds, and how we would wish to address this topic. One suggestion was that staff be allowed to use Table Talk, but on a limited basis. Another suggestion was that Staff Council work with Marriott Food Services and the Business & Finance Committee to create a new program for staff to use. This program could be a coupon or a ticket that would be available in a limited number of staff per semester, which could be distributed to each division and then dispersed to staff. If we embarked on such a project, Staff Council could consider contributing some foundation funds towards a pilot project of this type. It was decided that Cindy Diaz would talk to Kyle Cullars and Pam Glover and then report back to Staff Council.

The next item on the agenda was the Staff Excellence Award. Cindy Diaz congratulated the committee on the wonderful job they did with the award and the reception. We reviewed the most recent budget printout that showed the cost of the reception and another handout that showed the cost of purchasing a new plaque for this award. Staff Council will begin listing names on the new plaque with this -- the first award of 2000. Bonnie Sims, Director of Human Resources, has approved our request to hang the plaque outside of their office until the Wall of Honor is created in the new library. We then discussed the cost of purchasing the plaque from Baldwin Trophies and the possible wording for the plaque. Kendall Stiles made a motion to purchase the plaque from Baldwin Trophies at the listed price; Alma Hall seconded the motion and it passed. Robert Ethier will complete the purchase and submit the suggested wording for the plaque.

The final item on the agenda was Staff Council Status. The decision regarding our status in the above-referenced faculty by-laws will be discussed at an upcoming University Council meeting. Therefore, we find it necessary to meet again before the next scheduled meeting planned for March 15, 2001. It was decided that we would meet on the fourth Thursday of the month in January 2001 ? January 25th at 2:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2001 at 2:00 p.m. in Chappell 113.

Respectfully submitted,
Erica L. Freitag

Posting complete.
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