GCSU Staff Council Minutes October 19, 2000

Staff Council Minutes

These minutes submitted by: Erica Freitag on 10/24/00 at 12:32 p.m.
Next meeting: December 14, 2000 -- Time and Location TBA

GCSU Staff Council
October 19, 2000
Chappell 106 at 2:00 p.m.


Delegates present: Cindy Diaz (Chair), Crystal J. Miller, Priscilla Hooks, Robert Ethier, Clay Cadwell, Terri Pope, Ann Portwood, Bill Bloodworth, Clarice McLin, Kendall Stiles, Alma Hall and Erica Freitag who recorded the minutes.

Other members present: Quintus Sibley, Ex-Officio; Ainsley Eubanks, State Representative; and Jenny Gettis, Past Chair.

Excused: Barbara Monnett

Cindy Diaz, Chair, called the meeting to order. A motion was made to approve the minutes. It passed unanimously. Each delegate was given an agenda and a copy of the proposed amendments to the Staff Council bylaws.

Old Business

Delegates reviewed the following proposed amendments to the Staff Council bylaws:

IV. Meetings

"G. Quorum

A majority of the members of the Staff Council shall constitute a quorum for meetings of the Council. The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority for the rules of conduct of meetings of the Staff Council."

III. Membership

F. Ex Officio Members

Add the Executive Administrative Assistant to the President.

Jenny Gettis made a motion that we vote on the proposed amendments. Robert Ethier and Clay Cadwell seconded the motion. Barbara Monnet submitted her vote in a sealed envelope. The motion passed unanimously.

Next Kendall Stiles updated us on the status of the Semester Award Review Committee. The group met this morning and has several ideas for revamping this award. The have located the old plaque which it outside of the Human Resources Office. The committee plans to send out an email in November, with hard copies going to the Staff Council Delegates and to all departmental secretaries. It was suggested and agreed that Staff Council members should not be eligible to participate. The committee will work on making this award more prestigious. Some suggestions were to be more creative, to pursue a special reward for the recipient, and to be congratulated along with the other annual award recipients at Honors Day in the spring. This committee will be meeting again next week to continue working on the new award system. They will keep us updated via email.

The next item on the agenda was Committee Reports. Staff Development had no report. Treasurer had no report.

New Business

Cindy Diaz, as Chair, has received a request to give a Staff Council update at the Faculty Meeting on October 23rd. Quintus explained the history behind this request. Ainsley Eubanks will attend that meeting, along with Cindy, and will make the report on behalf of Staff Council. Discussion took place as to what items Ainsley should discuss. Topics suggested include the Transfer and Promotion Policy, Staff Development Funds, and the Staff Award System. Please email any additional ideas to Ainsley Eubanks.

Cindy Diaz gave us an update from University Council. They have asked us to review the links on the Standards of Governance information pages. The information is available online at http://info.gcsu.edu/intranet/legal_srvcs/standards_of_gov.html and can be reviewed at any time. The Standards of Governance are going back before the Faculty Senate.

Erica Freitag updated us on the removal of social security numbers from the official GCSU ID cards. Student Government Association passed a bill to have them removed from all student ID cards. This is already being done for new staff; however, those who have been employed awhile still have their social security number on their ID cards. If a staff member would like a new card, without their social security number, they can take their old card to the Student Activities Office and request one, free of charge.

Cindy Diaz asked Staff Council delegates if the would prefer to meet quarterly as announced or monthly in coordination with other councils and committees. Most felt we should continue to meet quarterly, knowing that we could call an additional meeting if necessary.

There was a suggestion to reconsider President DePaolo's offer to meet with staff to discuss recent and upcoming funding for faculty positions. Discussion took place and it was decided that we would accept her offer and set up a date and time for a Staff Meeting. Cindy Diaz will contact Ceil Parker to set up the meeting.

Ainsley Eubanks gave the State Representative report and a recap of the recent State Conference. Topics at the state meeting included delayed pay raises and insurance changes. We had 9 representatives attend this year's conference. Next year's conference will mark the 10th anniversary of USGSC and will be held at Kennesaw State University on October 4th and 5th. Delegates each received a copy of UGA's Workplace Violence Policy that one representative received at the conference. This extensive policy went through the entire approval process and was agreed upon by all faculty, staff, and students. On that note, Quintus informed us that the Business Affairs Council met recently and approved our workplace violence policy, which includes a team procedure for reporting. Discussion took place regarding this policy and the Conflict Resolution Committee.

Finally, we brainstormed ways for staff to provide input to Staff Council. One suggestion is to add a link on our web page where staff could send through questions, ideas, thoughts, etc. anonymously. Another suggestion was to add a new section to the web page where staff could post anonymous questions and those questions could be answered for everyone to read. Another suggestion was to send out email reminders on the official list announcing each upcoming Staff Council meeting. The email would also introduce the delegates and list their contact information. This would enable staff to contact the delegate responsible for representing his or her own area. Delegates are reminded of the need to share information with the area they represent.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

Next meeting is scheduled for December 14, 2000.

Respectfully submitted,
Erica L. Freitag

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