GCSU President's Council on the Responsible Use of Alcohol Minutes

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These minutes submitted by: Chris Lamphere on 7/5/07 at 8:21 AM.
Next meeting: TBA

PCRUA Minutes-April 26, 2007

These minutes submitted by: Chris Lamphere on July 3, 2007
Next meeting: Fall 2007 TBA

Members Present: Dr. Bruce Harshbarger, Dr. Barbara Funke, Tom Miles and Chris Lamphere (chairperson)

Review of spring 2007 Activities:

-A team from GCSU attended the NCAA APPLE Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia in January. The team consisted of Mandy Jarriel (instructor), Jenna Geary (trainer), Ginger Miller (coach), Chris Lamphere (Counselor/AOD Coordinator) and athletes Phillip Breaux, Jessica McGinnis and Shelbie Lyndsey. As a result of attending, the team decided to implement a Student Athlete Mentor Program (SAM) on campus this coming Fall. The goal of the SAM program is to focus on substance abuse issues.

-A team of five staff members were trained as Prime For Life (PFL) instructors. This team consists of Chris Lamphere (Counselor/AOD Coordinator), Rachel Sullivan (University Health Educator), Eve Puckett (Assistant Director for Residence Education), Reese Cohn (Assistant Director for Student Involvement) and Amy Whatley (Program Coordinator, Wellness Depot). Student athletes and Greeks will be taking their training in PFL in 2007-2008.

- Peers Advocating for Wellness Successfully (P.A.W.S.) members manned informational tables during the Health Fair, springfest and during Safe Spring Break Week.

-Three students and Chris Lamphere attended the Bacchus Area 8 Conference in Tallahassee, Florida. The Area 8 Conference in February of 2009 will be hosted by GCSU.

-Chris Lamphere attended a conference sponsored by Alcohol Edu for schools using their program. Ideas were shared by attendees and by personnel from Alcohol
Edu. on the past year and what changes were being looked at for the upcoming year with Alcohol Edu.

-Key Items:

-The Executive Summary of the Alcohol Edu. for College was shared. This was the first year we have used the program with all first-year students. The report focused on behavior change, knowledge gained and students� experience with the program. A complete summary of the results may be seen by contacting Chris Lamphere in Counseling Services.

-There was a discussion regarding the continued review of GCSU�s policy on alcohol and other drugs. Diane Kirkwood is working on the employee policies component of the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act.
The Alcohol and other Substance Abuse Policy, for students, is being reviewed and revised by Tom Miles. One goal in this area is to reduce the 27 items listed in the policy and bring it into compliance with recent changes in federal laws and regulations.

-The CORE Survey was completed during the Fall semester. Results of this survey have been used as part of the Biennial Review. A copy of the CORE Survey results may be seen by contacting Dr. Barbara Funke or Chris Lamphere.

-It was also reported that the Biennial Review required by the Drug Free Schools and Campus Act was completed by the December 2006 deadline. Copies are on file with Quintus Sibley, Dr. Harshbarger and Dr. Leland.

-New Business:

The following items will be discussed this coming summer, to be scheduled by Dr. Harshbarger, with PCRUA chairs, Student Judicial Board faculty advisors and Diane Kirkwood.
-alcohol serving policies on campus
-PFL utilization on campus
-Drug-Free School and Communities Act publication requirements
-campus judicial sanctions for alcohol offenses


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