GCSU President's Council on the Responsible Use of Alcohol Minutes

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These minutes submitted by: Gina Peavy on 2/21/06 at 12:01 PM.
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Feb. 8, 2006

The four chairs of the PCRUA subcommittees (Best Practices � Barbara Funke; Support Services � Jennie Strole; University Policy � Jan Flynn; Campus and Community � Bruce Harshbarger) met today after bringing their groups together for their initial meetings. The purpose of this meeting was to continue to develop the mission and goals of the group and set a timeline for immediate goals.

The drafted missions for each of the committees are as follows (committee chairs will involve their committee members in editing and finalizing their mission statements):

Best Practices - To reduce the rates of binge drinking, driving under the influence, and underage drinking among GCSU athletes, Greeks, the general student population, and students who have received repeat alcohol violations.

Support Services � To promote responsible alcohol use among GCSU students by determining appropriate roles for parental involvement and alcohol-free activities in alcohol abuse education / prevention.

University Policy � The mission of the Policy Committee is to develop and recommend alcohol policies appropriate for Georgia College & State University.

Campus and Community � To bring together members of the campus and community to partner on solutions to issues involving irresponsible use of alcohol, and to plan proactive initiatives to enhance campus � community collaboration.

The immediate goals of each committee are as follows:

Best Practices -
� Secure funding to train five staff in PRIME for Life on Campus
� Expand our Peer Education program (P.A.W.S.: Peers Advocating Wellness Successfully) from eight to twelve to include more peer educators who are athletes and Greek members

Support Services �
● Assess what GCSU is currently doing with regard to parental involvement and
alternative activities in alcohol abuse education / prevention.
● Investigate best practices (in both areas) of other Georgia and COPLAC schools.
● Make best practice recommendations to the PCRUA.

University Policy -
� Review current GCSU alcohol policies to be come familiar with the policies, their intent, their implementation and their current effectiveness.
� Explore and become familiar with �best practice� alcohol policies from universities across the country.
� Identify �gaps� between GCSU policies and �best practice� policies.
� Develop a draft of policies deemed appropriate for GCSU.

Campus and Community �
● Discuss and propose joint initiatives as appropriate
● Plan campus and community networking event(s) for the Week of Welcome
● Plan joint educational strategies with students

Timeline -

Spring 2006:
● Each committee to meet at least once per semester and follow up with email
conferences between face-to-face meetings
● Edit and finalize committee mission statements and timelines
● Plan a Campus and Community networking event for Week of Welcome
● Contract with and implement AlcoholEdu for entering class of 2010

Fall 2006:
● Conduct GCSU�s biennial Alcohol and Other Drugs report as required by DOE
� Administer the CORE drug and alcohol survey to all athletes (pre-program assessment)
� Recruit peer educators, including at least one student athlete and one Greek member
� Train Peer Educators in The BACCHUS Network alcohol prevention programming in October
� Contact Freshman Seminar teachers and residence hall advisors, informing them of the availability of peer educators to deliver interactive programs to classes or residence halls about alcohol abuse prevention
� Implement best practices for alcohol abuse education / prevention support services.
� Implement National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week campus-wide programming in October (BACCHUS Network sponsored)
� Implement two alcohol free events on campus that will include social marketing messages about responsible alcohol using promotional items and media formats.
� Coordinate and schedule Spring 07 PRIME For Life on Campus programs for athletes and Greek organizations utilizing staff and student athlete input in the process
� Draft of proposed campus policies to be developed by the end of Fall Semester, 2006.

Spring 2007:
� January 17-20, 2007: Dr. Amy Harrington, Chris Lamphere, Ron Lunk, and Eve Puckett will attend the new Instructor Training for PRIME For Life on Campus Curriculum, in Atlanta
� A team of 6 will attend the APPLE conference in January in Charlottesville, VA
� PRIME For Life on Campus for Soccer team
� PRIME For Life on Campus for Cross Country team (men and women)
� Participate in The BACCHUS Network sponsored Safe Spring Break campus-wide programming in March.
� PRIME For Life on Campus for new student members and student leaders of Greek Organizations

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